Upside down…


"Upside Down Face" - Tikki hamming it up for the cam on my bed

"Upside Down Face" - Tikki hamming it up for the cam on my bed

Things are upside down right now and adjustments have to be made. It’s very hard but we do what we have to do…one foot in front of the other.

I may no longer be a part of the Flickr community but that does not mean that I no longer enjoy your images and your personal websites. Even if I cannot comment know that I will visit and I still grow and learn from everyone’s work…

I guess this is a blog so here’s some crap from today, lol:

  • We have clouds today and it’s suppossed to rain this week, finally
  • I have no appetite but I ate fish and chips
  • My new skin cream seems to be working. lol
  • Tikki is getting hot on the cable box and may possibly explode any sec

~ by aswirly on June 3, 2009.

20 Responses to “Upside down…”

  1. Hi Amber! Love the fact that you are continuing to share you fabulous photography. Sweet kitty you have there…I miss having one of my own. Also, don’t think I had the chance to mention how absolutely gorgeous the peacock feather photo is!!! Pure artistry…will definitely visit your site more often to catch up on your new work.

    All the best to you!

  2. I second the peacock feather opinion, but I’m pretty sure I already mentioned that, hehehe. In fact, I’ve mentioned it to probably about a dozen people, in the context of “holy wow – check this out!” No one has disagreed :)

    This is a great catch of the cat… mine was too evil to pose for me, she was always trying to find ways to annoy me, instead.

    • Haha Thanks Joe… Loved those star shots you got btw!!
      Tikki was so cute. Usually she ruins the moment once she sees the camera, but this day she was really posing for me.

  3. Hey you – sad that you disappeared, but glad I know where you hide out :)

    Hope you are well, my friend. My cats still kick Tikki’s butt ;-)

    ~ narly

  4. Btw…J, this does NOT fill the hole. This is just to get by…

  5. What a coincidence, I had fish and chips too, but I never managed to eat all mine. lol. You seriously want to get Tikki off that cable box. Smoked cat is never good. She won’t replace fish and chips. :)

  6. Hi Amber, flickr does seem flat without you and a lot of peeps are missing you, but as the others have said we know where you are, take care, rgds Michael……….oh and my dogs would kick not only Tikki’s butt but Narly’s little pussels too!

    • Hi Stocks! Thanks for coming by, I really appreciate that. Oh, and please give my congrats to James! :) Your dogs could NO WAY kicks Tikki’s butt. Maybe Narly’s though ;)

  7. Amber, so sad to see you gone from flickr but your website is Fabulous! and I wish you all the best. I’ll be keeping my eye on your wonderful work! ;-)

    -Monica (mocachip)

  8. adorable:) i was so sad yesterday~my friend who has the female versions of “puss and boots” ~ “biscuits and gravy” called and told me her kitten “biscuits” had gotten spooked and ran outside and now is gone. they have looked everywhere:( anyway, not to be a poopy head on your blog…

    this is a cute shot but i agree she may explodesss~!

  9. That is a super sad story! :( Poor widdle kitty…
    Tikki is on the cable box getting super hot RIGHT NOW!

  10. Just right, get some guidance pages written there are so many people who ask me and I have a couple of tutorials so it would be nice to send them in your direction. I know this is unusual for you to post here and quite different to Flickr but you simply must keep going. I love your stuff and will pop by regularly to keep up to date. I hope you are still stopping by my stream I have been travelling around as usual

    • Thanks Andy and I’m real happy you’ve stopped by. Of course I check your stream as well. Those fields of flowers you’ve posted are divine. Keep it up and I look forward to watching your adventures.

  11. Hi Amber, Here to help as requested. More selfishly here to pinch some ideas ha ha ha. Ok promise I wont do that but I will drop by on regular basis to see what creative cauldron you are stirring up next. Love the flake shot now need to go look at your HDR guide. I have no idea how to do that stuff !!!

    Keep in touch

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