Wet Wellies!

Exposure: 1/6, Aperature: F/20. ISO: 200, taken with remote

Exposure: 1/6, Aperature: F/20. ISO: 200, taken with remote

 wet1sm I bought some wellies today (Rubber boots) and headed back to the beach at sunset! It was quite an ordeal to be honest because I forgot my battery (what a duffus) and had to go back home and back again…I thought i’d miss the sunset completely. When I hopped out of my car decked out in my new bright green polka-dot wet2smboots, bright green shirt, and HUGE tripod, I got quite a few stares…hehe…

 Funny,  I thought my wellies would keep me n welliesmy feet dry but with the very first wave I was soaked. The water just went right up and over. hehe…but at least I didn’t ruin another pair of shoes ;) Oh, and here’s a small victory…my boots were $40. I wasn’t pleased by that, but when I took them to the counter they were marked down to $10!!!  SCORE!

~ by aswirly on June 6, 2009.

32 Responses to “Wet Wellies!”

  1. Well don’t you look fetching in matching boots and shirt. LOL. :) Very funny story Amber, but at least you got some real nice sunset shots eventually, and some nice cheap polka dot boots to boot. lol. ;)

  2. super cute boots!!!…fun to see the progression of photos and read the story, as well (imagine a smiley face here–I don’t know how to make one of those cute yellow ones)…btw, i like the sun on the water in that last sunset shot but they all have different features that make them special

  3. aaaahhswirly, nice to see you! You got some lovely “watershoes” im so jealous ;-) Tell me, is this the pear of Santa Cruz behind you? Nice sunset shots you brought home, like the f/22 version! And def. love the story behind! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Jakob. That’s actually the Pacifica Pier behind me. It’s just up the coast from Santa Cruz and only a few miles south of San Francisco :)

  4. It seems you just can’t take a bad shot, Amber. This is a gorgeous set of pics. I love your new shoes. :)

  5. I’ve got a huge tripod Amber!………and green wellies, but not as razzy as yours!! love the shots and a piece of advice………..get a second battery!

    • I HAVE a second battery and I had it with me but it was dead. I know I know, I sooooo suck! haha… btw, I am not sure about that mustache on that boy of yours! lol ;)

      • I have to say Amber, you would laugh your new boots off…….James was sporting the full monty, mustache, beard etc, but he kept dissapearing into the loo……..then running out with different bits shaved off, I took about 50 shots, these were towards the end and he looked just like Adolf H! we laughed till we cried…….so many rude ones, but not for general consumption!………more advice, stop sucking and start charging your spare battery!

        • That’s hilarious, I can totally picture that! You took RUDE shots? lol…my spare is charging as we speak ;) I’m going shooting tonight :)

  6. The boots are cute, yep. The photos are freakin’ awesome! I’d trade my mountains and waterfalls for a beach :(

    Looks like you had a ball out there shooting – good stuff! :D

    • It’s quite a rush when the water comes at ya! I love it. But Mountains and waterfalls are wonderful too. You wouldn’t really wanna trade them would you? It looks lovely where you live!

  7. Oh wow, those wellies (we call them gumboots here) are soooo cool!! Glad I’ve discovered this blog so I can continue following your adventures :)

  8. This is so funny, I adore it. This is a very ‘British’ shot (I’m a Brit, I should know) as we nearly always have to go to the beach in full wet weather gear as it continually rains here, or so it seems.

    Did you feel like a complete goof? Such fun.

    Only just ‘found’ you on Flickr and was sad to see you go, but I completely respect your decision. Flickr can suck you in so much, and the line between real life and online life can blur too dangerously. I have to work hard to keep it in check.

    Lovely blog, will be stopping by regularly. And probably wearing wellies.

    • Hi there! Ha, you’re right. I DID feel like a complete goof. Especially since it rarely rains here so people didn’t know what to make of me wearing such funny shoes. haha…I do miss flickr alot, but the blog is a nice substitute. Thanks for finding me here :)

  9. wet knees great wellies

  10. boo!!….just a quick catch up swirls…not gunna get rid of me THAT quickly :) take it ezy swirls and see ya round. nice site btw :)

  11. all your troubles were worth it, fancy leaving the battery at home! oh love the wellies. fantastic shots and great sunset

  12. Missing you on Flickr but will catch up with your pictures here.
    Hope you are doing good and keeping well.
    Best wishes to you and your family…..
    Keep in contact if you can and take care

  13. nice wellies. sounds like waders were needed however. nice work as always. that’s a given.

  14. OK, someone did a search on my site 3 days ago for “wet Wellies” Maybe I should purchase some, wear them and post of pic….that would surely turn the pervs off.

    • ROFL!!! You are killing me! Are you serious? Oh man, hahahaha that is fantastic!! Be sure you get yourself some smiley face ones or something ;)

  15. Too funny at all of the entertaining comments….love the shots as always. Love the one of you after the splash! Hence…insurance.

    Allyn: that is hilarious! If you do that I have to see it…

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