Bright Lights…

Russian River TrailsAnyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with star trails. This year it has been my goal to capture them. This is difficult since where I live I rarely even SEE stars! lol… My goal is to shoot the north star and capture those glorious circular trails. I also want a foreground that is interesting without glaring bright lights like the ones in this image… I will reach my goal. You’ll see! :)

This btw was taken 2 hours drive from where I live in the countryside :)

~ by aswirly on July 2, 2009.

19 Responses to “Bright Lights…”

  1. Hey Amber thats a nice one! It doesnt look noisy at all! Your d90 is a really nice “noisefree” camera. If I would try this with my 20D…:-(
    Nicely converted to black&white!

    Is this here: somethin you want to reach? Im pretty sure you gonna reach yr personal goal in shooting startrails! Hang in girl!

    • Oh yeah, that picture of DW’s is one of my personal favorites. I have one as my pc background ;) You get alot of noise with your cam? :(( Real sorry about that :( My old camera had alot of noise too. I couldn’t get a decent star trail although I know I had the settings wrong as well…Regardless I know my new D90 has a better sensor and that sure helps :)

  2. You need to come over here to the UK! Round here this is only a ‘little’ light pollution. Get thee on a plane gal!

    • Oh no no no…THIS is 2 hours away from where I live in the countryside ;) I don’t see stars in San Francisco. LOL…But I DO however wanna see the UK. It’s on my list :)

  3. beautiful!

  4. Well I personally like the bright lights on the bridge in this one, as it adds that extra bit of foreground interest that draws you in to the shot, and then up to the stars. Works for me anyway. Superbly captured Amber. :)

  5. I love your star trail shots, Amber. This is gorgeous. :)

  6. Bonjour,
    very nice framing, composition..Beautiful greyscale..bravo!

  7. Utsukushii =) I love it.

  8. Nice!

  9. Nicely done – you have done well to capture this. I have always hoped to do some star trails here some day as Nebraska has one of the largest tracts of non-light polluted land in the US. No where near me, of course.

    • Hey Derrald. Thanks! :) Oh you MUST do star trails. This weekend I’m going to the Sierra Nevadas. If I can get some good star trails I will be a very very happy gal!

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