So tough…

So I found this cool wall outside my home that no one seems to know about…well, except the kids that tag it. lol. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper sp. I just haven’t been in the mood to, but today I played a  little with my speedlight in the outdoor light and gave my best “tough” look…



I really suck at looking tough. lol. I just look mad…maybe I AM mad. Maybe I’m mad because I’m turning 30, THIRTY, in just a handful of days….grrrr…how shocking! lol

Note: Using my speedlight sure brightened this shady outdoor scene. To increase the high contrast that was already present, I simply blended in a black and white layer of the image. It creates a dramatic effect I think.

~ by aswirly on July 22, 2009.

39 Responses to “So tough…”

  1. Well how are you supposed to look tough wearing fancy dangly earrings. lol. That’s never going to work. So I guess I’ll have to agree on the “mad” conclusion too. ;)
    But no way do you look nearly 30. Not a chance. It’s a wonderful sp Amber. You look great. :)

  2. You’re *almost* 30, and mad about it? Wish I was almost 30. But it’s cool, I feel 22, I act 22, it’s all good :D

    Cool sp!

    Happy almost birthday!

  3. You sure do look amazing for someone of such advanced years. lol. Only joking (about the advanced years bit obviously – just to clarify). ;)

  4. Hehe, you look serious though! Where`s yr smile? Another good morning A. shot:-) I remember that day when I`ve turned 30…I was like let`s buy a new camera and get famous,haha. Happy B-day then!

  5. I don’t know, I think you look like a “girl from the hood”. I think it’s that gangsta head tilt you’ve got going on. =)

    Nice sp Amber! I like the tones and contrast.

  6. LOL–30 is NOT old, Amber! I love the processing. Beautiful SP~ :0)

  7. helloooo Amber! You should front a rock band with that stroppy look!

    • Mr. Astn!! I was hoping you’d stop by and say hello! :)
      I hope you’re keepin’ it real, yo. Did you have fun in Italy? Oh, and I love that last swirly shot of yours ;)

  8. I feel your pain on turning 30 girlie! :-P

  9. Your clothes look too nice, and well you just are to nice haha.
    Try a few paint tats, and some ragged clothes.
    Awww happy early BD Amber. I wish I was that young again.

    • hehe Thanks Doug. I’ll try that next time. What was I thinking anyways? Next I really need to work out the outfit better. I did make sure all the colors matched though. lol

  10. glad you saw my subtle reference to the Swirly Queen! Italy was great, but the earthquake damage was sad to see.

    • :) You know what I REALLY liked was that green swirly lock you posted a week or so ago. I want a lock like that!! That is sad about the damage there :(

  11. Ooh scary, I would hate to run into you in a dark alley! You might beat me with your walking stick :) Okay I can’t make old age jokes because I’m 7 years older than you, but hey….

    Oh, great pic btw.

  12. PS I can’t believe I will be 40 in 3 years. 40!!! I might as well check into a rest home. I never thought I would be 40, only old people are 40. Anyway, I have a few years left…

    • Almost 40? Yikes!! hehe…Don’t worry though. Isn’t 40 the new 30? ;) It’s ok for you. Guys age like wine yanno. Women, well, we age like milk ;)

  13. Oh my god…you’re (almost?) OVER the HILL…just kidding…I think age 33 was my favorite age…

  14. bad ass.

  15. You look seriously tough! :) I’m terrified.

  16. geeeezzz swirls…that scared the cr*p otta me! Oh yeah, “Happy Boithday” btw…try turning 40 and see if it feels any different (it’s only 10 more years, just around the corner really)


  17. Yes you need to work on that tough approach, but you know I rather like this photograph, you don’t look mad either… Well not in the crazy sense of the wording but definitely adding a sense of wickedness…

    Thirty years old… Wow… Ancient…
    Hey try hitting fifty next? Well I am
    Peter Pan so I am never getting old… lol


    • I don’t pull off tough very well. haha…This wall is right behind my home and I think I should try some more photos there at some point. Grafiti and brick sure add a neat element to photos I think. Who doesn’t like a bit of grit? Thank you very much Androgoth. I can’t believe it’s been two years since my “turning thirty” crisis. sigh…. Never would have guessed you’re 50. You are sooo luckybeing Peter Pan! ;)

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