Get your sunglasses!

sunny flowers

This week is going to be bright!! :))  I’m off for 2 days for a little fun with my girlfriend.  Yippee!!

You know, deliberately taking flare pictures leaves you seeing spots. I think I’ll avoid shooting the sun for awhile. hehe

~ by aswirly on July 26, 2009.

16 Responses to “Get your sunglasses!”

  1. Ah but this is delightful! Worth temporary blindnes I’m sure….!!

  2. This is another amazing shot Amber, you sure do have to love that flare. I hope you have lots of fun with your girlfriend. No doubt you’ll be taking your camera along too. J. :)

  3. Hi Amber are you 30 yet! I was 30 once, but it didn’t suit me……….now I’m 47!……….think I want to go back to 30………I,ve been married nearly 30 years!! loving the images, keep it up, kind regards Michael.

    • Oooh when you hit 30 years you must have a huge anniversary party!! A few more days to go for me before I’m 30 ;) Nearly there though. grrrr

  4. I wished I could! We got a lot of thunders,lightnings and rain in the last couple days! Enjoy the sun, enjoy yr birthday!:-) Nice shot Amber, looks pretty green upthere!

  5. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. LOL–I love the flares and the flowers are gorgeous, too. Have fun with your friend, Amber. :)

  7. Awesome sun my dear Amber…

    • merci mon ami! :) Thanks for stopping by Louis :)
      By the way, I’ve been loving your recent stuff. That “Beach” shot with the sandals is just perfect!!

  8. Ah, nothing better than being there in nature with the warm glow of the sun. Great capture, and to actually want the flare! Creative!

    • Ha, well the flare is so cool albeit distracting! It sure was beautiful seeing all the flowers growing wild like that in the mountains :)

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