Wishing time stood still…

Esplanade sm

…just for this moment…when everything was perfect…the crisp salty breeze tangling up my hair, the rushing water soaking my jeans. I love the way the cold air nips at my cheeks blushing them pink… Ahhhhhh…Just bring me some red wine and I’m in heaven!

~ by aswirly on September 13, 2009.

13 Responses to “Wishing time stood still…”

  1. Looks glorious there…just make sure you don’t catch a cold!

  2. Well with a view like this, I’d sure love to join you in a glass of that red wine, just watching the time stand still. Wet jeans and tangled hair or not. lol. I might even be inclined to bring chocolate too, cos everyone loves chocolate. :)

    This is a stunning shot Amber. One of you best sunsets I think. This certainly looks like quite the place.

  3. I’m down with the chocolate too! And the sunset…as J said…is glorious!!

    Really love the word story Amber. I can totally picture the scene and realize that I will miss being so close to the ocean :)

    Hope you are doing well!

    • Thanks Gina. I’m hanging in there. I hope you’re doing ok too :) Do you like your new job ok?

      • You’re welcome Amber!! :)

        The job is…a job. It’s about necessity vs. like/not like. lol

        Still thinking of starting a blog…can’t seem to find the time to get it up and running!! :)

        • Oh I hear ya. Yup, a job is just a means to an end really. Oh yeah, you gotta start a blog. You don’t have to put much time into it. Just throw something up. Use it as a website for your best stuff or something :) Anyways, it’s free ;)

  4. Ah lovely…I’ll have a glass of white though? thanks very much x

  5. INSTANT FAV. Wait…. where is the fav button on this thing? I must say I miss you on Flickr! I still have a few old images that you commented on and I see that little grey face icon and its so lonely!! Luckily I can still catch you over here from time to time, so the situation isn’t TOO dire! :)

    This is my new favorite coast image. It just oozes atmosphere and the lines, reflections, and soft colors are magnificent. I have just one question… who in their right mind wears JEANS to the beach??? You need to be wearing one of these. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheldonnalos/3908743342/. I’m only showing you this because I know you can’t comment on it! And don’t make fun of my foot condom!!

    Great to hear that the Palace of Fine Arts is FINALLY done! i’ll have to go down there and check it out. So so glad your wedding turned out well. The ones you showed us looked like you had been shooting them for years!

    • Ahhhh thanks Miles! I miss flickr too. I still hop over there all the time but not being able to comment and say hi does suck. I can’t go back though :(
      OMG I am laughing!!!!!! I need pants like that sooo bad, preferably ones to go with my polka dot rubber boots. lol. But I”ll skip the bag. Ha, that is the best picture ever! LOLOLOL….so much focus, with a bag on your foot. LOL. Nothing is gonna hold you down! hehe

  6. Excellent colors, the waves are making some great leading lines, it all really came together here!

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