High Jump

I hope you’re not tired of seeing Fort Point. Now that I know about this place I am totally in love with it. So many possibilities. My sister came up with the idea of doing some jumping so we set the scene and timer and jumped and jumped and jumped. lol. 

Edit: Fine fine, here are a couple outtakes. lol. Getting the timing right was soooo hard. Most of our pics were with us *almost* jumping, or just landing. lol.  In the second outtake, my sister wanted to jump a distance behind me. But for some reason the sense of depth is rather lost and she just looks real tiny…almost as if I’m jumping with my mini me. lol

~ by aswirly on November 16, 2009.

20 Responses to “High Jump”

  1. Never tire of these Fort Point views Amber. An almost balletic (is that a real word) feel to this one, were you jumping for joy? Superb timing, was this the first take?

    • Thanks Graham. um….no, this wasn’t the first take. DO you think I should post the outtakes? haha….It was hilarious how hard this was. And I am soooo sore now!!

  2. DEFINITELY post the out-takes. Nobody will laugh. Honest. :)
    And even if they do you’ll not be able to prove it. Lol. Or hear it either. It’s just a cough, honest, I swallowed a feather. hehe.
    Hilarious stuff as always Amber, and such fun too by the looks of it. Bring on the out-takes. :)

  3. I’m eagerly awaiting those out-takes…lol

  4. The first out-take. Lol. I’m saying nothing, and I’m definitely (cough) not laughing (cough cough). Hehe. ;)

  5. I like that first one…poised for action ;-) The second one is actually very good, I like the way you are further down the corridor and nicely framed by the arched roof. Excellent series.

  6. i am impressed…you two can really JUMP…(and jump and jump and jump)…that’s amazing…

  7. Those are some pretty funny poses!

  8. Very cool…very whimsical. Nicely done.

  9. I think the jumpers really add to the shot, kind of a “what the heck?” image. You could start a new exercise craze!

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