Being Coy

Excuse the silliness, but I’ve been in one weird mood. lol. I think after this I gotta get out of the house and shoot a flower or sunset or something :)

Check out the song: Japanese Fantasy – VAST  These guys are too cool. Oh, and do any of you play? I found the sheet music for Your ex-lover is dead. This talented blogger transcribed it here

~ by aswirly on December 21, 2009.

14 Responses to “Being Coy”

  1. Awesome photo.


  2. love the name!! haha! I really really like this picture ^_^

  3. If being stuck in the house puts you in this recent creative mood, then I’m coming round to board your doors and windows up. lol. I promise to leave a small hole so your friends can poke food through though. :)
    You have a fantastic imagination, and the title. Hahaha. So funny. Love it. :)

  4. Oh….this make s me feela bit weird! I really cannot STAND fish, eek the thought of them nibbling my hair…

    super cool shot, so imaginative.

  5. this could not have been easy to pull off~were you completely under water? i am so freaking in love w/ your creativity girl!!!! and you are so much F.U.N. in real life too:)

  6. Awesome Selfportrait,and very Amber-stylish processed! And of course, I do love Stars! Great music!

  7. Ha! That’s definitely your best side! I keep waiting for a picture of your lizard, or fish, or squirrel. Whatever that thing is you have. Turtle? I can’t remember. :)

    • Shutup! You KNOW it’s a FROG. His name is Jackson and he is AWESOME. (you only wish you could have an awesome frog) lol. I’ll show ya a pic ;)

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