Lying down on the job

Hey, get back in that vase and stop lounging around!

I have kept myself so busy this week that I am utterly exhausted and ready to collapse. Yaaaaaawn… Throat is sore too but it might just be my body saying it’s time to take a rest… Head is in a fog as to what to write here so I’ll just say…. Flowers are from my dining room table which I carelessly tossed onto my desk, rested a black piece of poster board behind, and shot with natural light using my 50 mm. I just love the crispness of this little 50, and I was most happy with the light this particular day…  Off to bed…big day tomorrow…nighty night. :)

~ by aswirly on January 7, 2010.

16 Responses to “Lying down on the job”

  1. Gorgeous work Amber….the 50 is perfect for a beautiful shot like this – love the soft lighting! Hope you feel better too!

  2. Well dang girl, just throw some flowers down and knock off a pretty shot. You have some talent. You could have went on and on about your arrangement, the lighting, et al. Sometimes simplicity just works.

  3. Beautiful shot! I love it. Some great stuff can come from just staying inside and tinkering with the little things around the house.

    Hope you’re feeling rested :)

  4. Only you could just casually throw something on the table and come up with a class image like this. Lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Amber. :)

  5. The 50mm is a great gun. Good action, really easy to conceal, and holds enough ammo to fight your way out of any photography fight you get yourself into.

    Oh wait…. You are talking about a LENS! Aaaaaaahhh. Off to Hawaii next week. Then a Cancun layover. Sorry :)

  6. Hope you feel better soon Amber. Beautiful shot … the black background and DoF really make the flowers pop.

  7. Captn Miles…funiest guy I ever met on flickr. Anyway…I just sold my 24-70 f2.8 CANON lens to get one of this guys, nice lens nice focal length on a 35mm…totally a beautiful image, Amber quality as usual! Perfect!

  8. Nice one Amber. I really like the colours and the lighting.

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