A Cerulean Eve (& the saga of The Crazy Lady)

Although taken last Spring, I revisted this image to process it with more recently learned techniques. I forget sometimes how pretty the San Francisco skyline is, especially on an unusually clear night with a full moon!_________________________________________________________________________________

Do you remember The Crazy Lady from this post? Well, the saga continues…

Our next door neighbor, a.k.a. The Crazy Lady, laid dormant for two years following our call to the police for harrassment. Now, something is brewing in her feisty little mind and it is centering around this friendly neighborhood cat! She calls him “Snow Ball”, we call him “Wikki. Anyhow, he has a long history of lingering around our building after being abandoned many years ago. Everyone who lives here  provides food and care for him, but he does not want to commit to anyone as a pet. A true bachelor cat!

Because he often follows me and calls at my door, I began giving him dry food from time to time over the last year. Recently, after the incident of the double doorknob air freshner, I emerged from my home one morning to discover she had removed the air freshners and added a placemat with food and water for the cat. hmmm…. odd. A few days later the placement of food disappeared, as did Wikki!!!  I began to suspect that she had noticed the cat’s liking to me and had decided that Wikki now belongs to her and she was keeping him indoors. One day though I found him on my doormat looking ever so forelorn. I thought maybe I had been mistaken about our neighbor and so gave Wikki a little bit of food.  The Crazy Lady had been listening at her door, waiting for me to feed him, and as soon as I did I heard her opening her front door and I quickly closed mine. Immediately she was ringing our doorbell.  When we opened it she was standing there, glaring at my husband and I, and a note was taped to our doorknob warning us NOT to feed HER cat!! hmm…. we closed our door without a word. Later, upon leaving home, I found a plastic grocery bag hanging from our doorknob with the remainder of the food I had previously left. hmmmm….

I have no idea what is going on her with now, and I haven’t seen the Wikki for days. She is most definitely trying to intistigate us. Is she bored? lonely? Or just insane? Everytime I come and go from my apartment she darts out to intercept me, and she lingers in our doorway. We share a wall near our entryway and it is as if she is spending her days listening to the wall waiting for us. When my friends come to visit she darts out before I open the door and tries to befriend them all the while slipping in comments about HER cat and us. I absolutely dread confrontation and am finding myself being ever so quiet each time I leave the home, and tiptoeing quietly when returning. She managed to accost my husband yesterday accusing him of stealing her cat over the weekend. He informed her that we were both out of town over the weekend to which she replied that she SAW the cat emerging from our home!

When she confronts me, I know that anything I say she will rebutt with untruths. There is no reasoning with an unstable angry mind. So I simply ignore her…walk by her without a word. it infuriates her, and perhaps I need to think of a better way to handle it.  It reminds me of this song by Poe: “You can’t talk to a pyscho like a normal human being”

~ by aswirly on January 13, 2010.

19 Responses to “A Cerulean Eve (& the saga of The Crazy Lady)”

  1. So you’ve now given Wikki a key to your house then eh !!. What are you like !!. lol. Either that, or your smelly children stole him over the weekend and are now feeding him. LOL. This developing story about the crazy lady cracks me up, but it is also very disturbing. Maybe you should just put her out of her misery. Can’t you ice up the pavement outside her front door so she “accidentally” has a nasty fall. ;)

    • Haha. I know! Sometimes truth is funnier than fiction. She is a bit worrisome though. Funny you mention slipping. A few years ago she put a few rocks on her doormat, in a little row, and then claimed her upstair’s neighbor’s son was trying to kill her by making her fall. hmmm

  2. By the way. That reworked shot is AMAZING. What a view. Wow. :)

    • Thank you B. It’s actually a different shot than the one I had on Flickr, but taken the same eve (and of course processed a little differently). Glad you like :)

  3. Holy cow…what a nut case neightbor! LOL – I say take her out back and kick her ass. =P Great shot Amber! Love the moon in it….

    • I know, I should right? lol. Ha, crazy. Thanks Michael. Funny, when I was setting up this composition, I had no idea it would be a full moon, until it rose right before my eyes.

  4. What a stunning skyline Amber, perfect processing too, good enough to be included in a travel guide.
    Your neighbour reminds me of Mrs Connelly in the film Duplex, not sure if you have seen it but there’s an uncanny resemblance. I could always send some of our snow and ice off to you, to place outside her door ;-)

  5. Beautiful picture of San Francisco :) (Cerulean…I’m ashamed to say that I had to look it up, but now I have a new word!)

    It’s a shame that you have such a wacky neighbor. How stressful that is for you! It makes for a good story, though. For a moment, I thought you were going to say that Wikki disappeared and you thought he may have been poisoned or something. Glad that’s not so. Wikki/SnowBall is a handsome kitty with that unique white coat. He’s got such an interesting face and great eyes!

    • hehe I used a thesaurus to get the word ;)He really is a handsome kitty, and very sweet. I really don’t like this old lady, but I do enjoy telling the tale. Life is like an episode of Seinfeld sometimes. lol

  6. Gorgeous shot Amber! I think I remember this one from Flickr.

    And sorry to hear about your troubles with “The Crazy Lady”. Unfortunately, Marie and I had an upstairs neighbor just like that in the very first place we moved into after getting married. Makes life really stressful. :-(



  7. Good Poe quote! You should confess to her that you are actually cloning her cat and now there are about 10 of them running around.

  8. SWEET image my friend. I absolutely LOVE the SFO Skyline, and you’ve MORE than done it justice here. Now, about your other problem. I guess I forgot to mention my “other” business. Let’s just say that I “talk to” people. I’m usually quite expensive, but I’m willing to give you guys a friends and family discount. I suppose its because I have a soft spot for turtles… and bacon. If you need me to, I could casually go by and ask if she’s ever had a cat claw her from the inside. If she answers “No”, I could suggest that she’s about to. Something along those lines……

  9. Oh no, that’s horrible…you must feel like a prisoner in your own home. Cry. Love love the image though, very classy.

    so sorry about the cat/neighbour woes though. I absolutely hate that kind of awkward feeling…

    • She is soooo insane. Just yesterday she went door-to-door telling everyone in the building that she has had this cat for 4 years, FOUR YEARS, and that he’s an indoor cat. She’s bonkers.

  10. Hi Amber, was enjoying your photography. It is lovely. Do you offer any prints of the Cerulean Evening? It is breathtaking. I didn’t see reference to it on your store. I recently visited San Francisco for the first time and this shot captures the magic I felt. Warm Wishes from Wyoming

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