Ooooh ahhhhh….

What a glorious night! This is another shot from the eve of Heaven’s Ignite.

Sorry I’ve been quiet but I have been sooo busy this week. I’m not complaining though, it’s been an exciting  type of “busy” really. Thanks to my husband I got a little job with a fashion company here in San Francisco retouching the photographs from a recent photo shoot. How cool!! :))  The thing is, they are on a deadline which means I have been on a deadline too. I must say that after 2 in the morning it becomes rather dreary making people smooth and pretty, but I am happy for the opportunity. Next up, I must get in that studio!! I mean seriously, who wants to retouch someone’s ELSE’S shots?!! haha … But one step at a time…one step at a time…

~ by aswirly on January 28, 2010.

23 Responses to “Ooooh ahhhhh….”

  1. Wow, how great is that Amber. Both the shot AND the job. You’re so right though, you absolutely have to get yourself in that studio. That would be the icing on the cake. :)

  2. Marvellous shot and great to hear you’re getting work. Richly deserved as you produce such lovely images. Sell yourself :D

  3. Ooooh Ahhhhh what a beautiful image! I never get tired of sunset shots!

  4. And: Congraats to that opportunity to retouch other photogr images, thats too cool!

  5. Well done Amber, one step leads to another. Stunning image to start the weekend with, thanx for sharing ;-)

  6. Never, never, NEVER get tired of images like that! Just like an amazing Slam Dunk, that’s what that photo is.

    • Thank you so much Kevin. It was really a one of a kind sunset and I’m just lucky to live near the beach :). Btw, I am absolutely in LOVE with that milky way shot of yours!!

  7. Ooooh aaaah indeed. What a lovely sunset. You’re the doctor, Amber.

  8. Congrats Amber! Lovely sunset! Wish I were there to see it and feel the warmth in person!

  9. Sweet light in this Amber.
    I would think after 2 a.m. – you would be erasing eyes instead of blemishes. :-)

  10. Love this shot Amber. I can see this one on my wall. Thanks for taking us away for a brief moment. You live a beautiful place too. :)

  11. A gorgeous evening for sure. Well captured.

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