Night Tree

Exposure: 30 sec., f/4, ISO: 200, 10 mm

Clouds, clouds, glorious clouds… Recent rain has brought us clouds :) I’m in love!

I have no idea where this spot is. lol. I had a small assignment tonight of shooting night images of a piece of property. On the drive home I impulsively pulled into a rest stop thinking I just had to get ONE shot of these clouds with maybe a tree or something :) I’m so glad I did. I rather like this tree.

~ by aswirly on February 2, 2010.

28 Responses to “Night Tree”

  1. Wow, Amber – this is so awesome! Love how the light, colors and shadows play so well together!

  2. Oh wow! That is just superb. I love those clouds and colours. Night photography throws up some really interesting results. Great stuff Amber.

    • Night photography sure does :) I’m always thinking about stars, but I think clouds are equally cool. I wanna try this some more I think :)

  3. Way to go being so creative. Maybe darken the foreground just a bit to push the eye up to the tree and sky. Sometimes it is hard to pull over like this. “Will I really get a shot? Wouldn’t I rather get home?” This one really paid off.

    • Oooh Good suggestion. I had darkened it a little, but after your suggestion I darkened it some more and reposted. I know it’s still a little too bright though :( The mistake I made was…well, um… the foreground is being light painted by the car’s headlights. That’s really not the best for light painting I know. lol

  4. Thats beuatiful!!!

  5. This is superb Amber. So more assignments eh. How cool is that. :)

  6. That’s some beautiful light. Nice work.

    – Dan.

  7. Wow, amazing capture, Amber. I love this sort of shot. I can’t get anything like it with my little point & shoot.

  8. OMG, this picture is just amazing! Where did you take it?

  9. Wow, Wow, Wow this is amazing! A rest stop? You have an incredible eye for beauty in order to capture this at a rest stop.

  10. This is really beautiful Amber. I love how you captured this scene. Did you use a another light source to light up the scene or is that just how the lighting was?

    • :) Yup, you guessed it. THere WAS another light source! My hubby was sitting in the car with the headlights on and that is what light painted the foreground. I think next time though I’ll have him turn off the lights and just ues a flashlight :)

  11. Oh how could I miss that one!! Very nice exposure! Love the colors, and the composition!

  12. Oh now I like it even more:-) I LOVE I-280, my favorite one! Yeah it reminds me to one of my film shots from there:-) Maybe someday Im goin to post it on my blog:-)

  13. Goaddam that’s good – love the wildness of the scene. Awesome.

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