Blue Lagoon…

Tomales Bay. Exposure: 33 sec., f/20, ISO: 200

I joined my Dad yesterday for a drive up to Tomales Bay and Point Reyes to do a little shooting together.  I just got home and started going through my images. These are the first that stand out to me… evening shots of a very blue and very still Tomales Bay.

I can not remember ever visiting Tomales Bay. The area was so beautiful. At the small town of Point Reyes Station we grabbed lunch and visited the quaint little shops, including the beautiful black and white photography of landscaper Marty Knapp. What a treat to talk to him about his work.

On the drive back we stopped for these evening shots. What amazes me is that I have added no saturation to these shots, nor have I changed the white balance. It was just so perfectly blue!

Stay tuned…more shots to come :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

<- Exposure: 36 sec., f/20, ISO:200

~ by aswirly on February 14, 2010.

24 Responses to “Blue Lagoon…”

  1. Sure does look peaceful. What a wonderful couple of shots.

  2. These are really beautiful shots, Amber…love the blue tones…Very tranquil…serene….I am curious, tho, about what white balance setting you used on your camera. …can’t wait to see more.

  3. Love the colors…gorgeous! Happy valentines day….

  4. You are SUCH a rebel, posting blues on Valentines Day! and I DIG that about you. :) These are some super sweet images. I’m a big huge fat (because I just ate 3 cookies) fan of the blue hour. So serene and peaceful and wonderful. Hope you guys had a great V-day! I’m in Pittsburgh. This is SUCH a glamorous job. :)

  5. Pittsburgh!? Blech… lol. Thanks Miles. Are you flying back to HI anytme soon?

    • Sadly, no. I got booted off the 767 when we parked planes and furloughed pilots last year. It’s going to be a few years before I get back to that gig. I’m sure your heart is breaking for me!!!!

  6. Oh what a coool surprise! Blue monday over here. Hope you had a great V.-Day! F20 Are you serious? I never use that, it just produce on my glas blury images…

  7. :-)

  8. Ah Amber, you are killing me with these shots. Tomales Bey holds a special place in my heart (hey, valentine’s connection!). Spent some of the best times in my youth there. On the water, in the dunes, great memories.

    Now to your shots – an a word superb. The tones are fabulous. Everything came together for you. Hope it was a great time, I love exploring that area.

  9. Another wow Amber. This looks like a very special place, and your shots really do evoke a tranquil mood with that blue hour cast. Love the smooth silkiness of that water too. Did you get wet again. lol. :)

    • Not too wet. Got muddy, but fortunately was wearing my wellies. I feel bad for Dad though having to have his car suffer my dirty boots. lol. Thanks B :)

  10. Wow, what a beautiful place so tranquil. Great Capture.

  11. My word that’s beautiful – love the blues and the mood. Faberoon Amber.

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