Going Tidal

I just got home from an exhilarating hour at Rockaway Beach!! Wow, what a rush! I can’t believe it’s been over three months since I’ve last braved the salty sea for some long exposure action.  The powerful wave sets tonight overwhelmed me, and despite my efforts to keep dry (my wellies), I left the beach drenched and sandy. lol.  

When high tide grew too forceful for me to be shooting safely, I noticed that sea stars and live crabs were being tossed ashore by the angry water. Incredible! Now that I’ve peeled off these soaked jeans, it’s time to warm up with a bath and some soup… ahhhhhh…the simple joys.

~ by aswirly on March 24, 2010.

30 Responses to “Going Tidal”

  1. Those are two beautiful shots!!

  2. These are so great! I love the sea star one (I still like to call them starfish). Did you ever leave your camera sitting on the tripod when the waves come in and just hope and pray that it doesn’t fall over?

    • Oh yeah, I like the name starfish too. The name got beaten out of me though after working for a time at a museum. I was always corrected. LOL… Thanks Michael :) And yeah, I have left the cam but usually I choose to suffer the wave to protect the cam :)

  3. Both shots are beautiful! LOVE the color of your starfish and the curled-up arms – perfect! I hope the bath and soup did the trick!

  4. Love the detail in the sea star. That shot has great depth to it as well. Beautiful.

  5. Awwww. Look at that curly dehydrating starfish. I hope you threw him back, or at least took him home to soak in the bath too. lol.

    • I know…poor little starfish :( I felt bad for him, but the waves were picking him up and bringing him back to sea so I *think* he was ok.

  6. Ahh I love that seastar, Aswirly. Very Nice! Seems it`s a great location to shoot

  7. Both Beautiful Shots!

  8. Wonderful use of DoF here Amber … I wonder if this wouldn’t be a natural for a “hand colored” image. Keep the color in the starfish, but completely desaturate the background ’till it’s B&W.

  9. oooh, I so love that sea star shot. nice, nice, nice

  10. Sweet comp on the starfish pic…really nice.

  11. Sounds like an exciting day of shooting. I love the angle in which you composed the starfish.:)

  12. Lovely images Amber – love the dof on the star fish in the top pic and the movement of the sea in the second one. Lovely, lovely stuff.

  13. Amber,
    Stunning shots! Starfish shots is awesome!!!! =))) Pete

  14. Outstanding shot, Amber.

  15. Great color and DOF on the starfish. Haven’t seen one of those in a looongg time.

    • Really? Oh yeah, I forgot you don’t live by the sea ;) lol. Actually I rarely see them much here either. Seems like their numbers have dwindled in the local tide pools.

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