The ol’ historic town of Ferndale is full of victorian houses while maintaining a wild wild west feel. Pretty cool little place. I had a bit of fun with this image, merging black and white with color and adding a fractally touch.

~ by aswirly on May 17, 2010.

38 Responses to “Ferndale”

  1. Where is this town at? It looks beautiful !! Great shot !

  2. I think WORLD FAMOUS aswirly’s place is in order.

    – Dan.

  3. It does look like the old west! What a great shot Amber. I love the mood you created with the semi-black and white. That combined with the fact that there is no one around makes it feel like a show down is about to happen! Very cool.

    • Thanks Mike :) It was strange that the place was so vacant. I think these little touristy towns whave been hit hard by the economy. The semi-bw seemed so appropriate…

  4. Did you scare everyone away ??. lol. I can just picture you strolling down main street all Wyatt Earp stylie, looking for Billy the Squid. ;)
    Mind you, if nothing else, at least you managed to shoot a nice scene. :)

  5. Very cool. It has been many many years since I have been there. The cars are different, but the street looks the same! Oh, it looks like there is new paint down the middle of the road. :)

    Awesome capture with the dramatic clouds and tones. It really captures the sleepiness of the place as well.

  6. I do like the image but I agree with Brian as it looks a bit strange being so deserted. Like you are looking at a ghost town after some world-wide disaster. Chills….

    • Yeah… I know :( I think the disaster was the economy. All the store owners seemed desperate for our business and no one else seemed to be around. Although… it was a monday.

  7. Those clouds are ominous. Looks like it might have been raining as well. I like it.

  8. Great shot Amber, i love it !

  9. Nice, I like the old time feel with the bright yellow lines.

  10. Great shot Amber, I like the treatment you applied here. The clouds add a nice feel too.

  11. Very interesting shot. I like the limited use of color. Good one!

  12. Wow…I like this picture very much! Buildings and cloud I feel like I can smell the air.

  13. Oooh, I LOVE this shot, Amber. The yellow line draws you through the photo. Really nice PP on this, too.

  14. Amber, that yellow stripe in the road looks awesome!! Great shot!!!

  15. Great shot Amber! I like this a lot.

  16. Aaaah I love the victorian Style! Great location to shoot and u DID as I can see, tell me, no hdr? However, cool treatment! Happy w-end!

  17. Amber this post was mine “Great shot Amber! I like this a lot.”
    there is something wrong with the reply’s.

  18. Funny – we have a Ferndale here which is what I thought of immediately on seeing the title of this post, but this town looks nothing like the one I am familiar with! :-) Add some art-deco cafe’s, trendy restaurants, and you might be getting close.

    I like your processing of this.

  19. Love the processing and feel – bleakly beautiful.

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