Pac Sun

Tech stuff: 14 mm, 1/5 sec, f/29, ISO 200, + polarizer

I love Pacifica. It amazes me how close we are to San Francisco, even seeing the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge in places, and yet sometimes it feels we are so far away…

Pacifica was smart. Not allowing over development like some Bay Area cities, *cough, Daly City, cough*, Pacifica still has much beautiful land to enjoy…

~ by aswirly on August 2, 2010.

20 Responses to “Pac Sun”

  1. Such a gorgeous shot. If only you would reveal the technical details to this humble novice…

    – J.

    • Glad you like. Well, it was shot at 14 mm for 1/5 sec at an aperture of f/29. The sky was very bright so I used a polarizer and a tiny aperture to lengthen the exposure, softening the water and creating a bit of a sun star. I brightened the foreground a little more in post processing. Hope that helps :)

  2. Beautiful and I too like to hear the low-down on how shots were achieved. I’m looking forward to the day when I can think intelligently (like you!) about how to achieve what I want. :)

    • Oh, I have gotten so lazy about adding the tech stuff. I used to add it all the time. Sorry about that :( I’m real glad you like the shot :) It is fun working out a scene to get the shot you want. It’s never ending learning too :)

  3. The idea of smart development is critical. We tend to see something beautiful, desire to be a part of it and in so doing, wreck the beauty.

    This is a beautiful photograph, imparting a sense of the rugged beauty that the area is famous for. I am glad Pacifica managed itself so well.

    • You are so right. It really takes a little planning to capture the beauty, and still it’s always better being there ;) Thanks Michael.

  4. It’s been too many months away from the beach for me. This motivates me to get back out there. And yes, pacifica is wonderful, but a bit too far north for me. My escape place is Monterey, which is a bit over-developed.

    • I haven’t been to Monterey in ages, but I think Pacifica is more development. Still, it’s better than the rest of the Bay Area :) Thanks Sean.

  5. That’s a simply amazing shot Amber, and with clouds too. Lol. Yup, I’d defo swap some of my clouds for some of your landscape. Love the foreground interest backed off superbly with that glorious sunset. And I’d LOVE to live so close to SF, as I could go watch em make Mythbusters. lol. :)

  6. Nice shot Amber! I love the warm colour and the great sun star.

  7. It does look like a peaceful beautiful place, great shot :)

  8. So much beauty, so close to home. The Pacific ocean is my “adopted mother.” Lovely capture of her.

  9. pretty sunset…I like the composition of this one alot

  10. f/29??? What lens are you using???

    Lovely sunset, what a great view.

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