Rocky Tide

I was riding a wave of ideas, but the tide is finally pulling out and I am feeling a bit forced to find something to share on my blog. When the tide is in, my mind swells overwhelmingly with ideas I want to try. When it pulls out I find that nothing seems very interesting to try at all. Fortunately my personal creative tidal cycle moves rather quickly and I look forward to the zeal returning.

This was shot earlier this year on a rather stormy eve at Rockaway Beach.

~ by aswirly on September 22, 2010.

24 Responses to “Rocky Tide”

  1. I love the power and beauty of the ocean, and you capture it beautifully!
    Where’s your self portrait that Linda has challenged? I failed to get mine done, but was hoping everyone else would have one.

  2. A good analogy of the waves in rhythm with our ideas. I like that. I also like this image especially since I don’t get to the coast that often.

  3. this is amazing, truly beautiful work! very nice-

  4. Love the hint of sunshine in those clouds!

  5. You really get a sense that the water is moving right towards you! You must have needed your wellies for sure! :-)

  6. Sure does look amazing, and I love the colour in the sky too. Can’t wait to check it large when I get home. :)

  7. I love this shot Amber, I go through those times too, this one’s an awesome one.

  8. Great sky and I love the movement of the rushing waves.
    I know just what you mean about the creative tide, I definitely notice a cycle to these things and commented only recently that the tide was currently out!
    Hope the mojo returns soon. In the meantime, I’m more than happy to look at archive shots.

  9. You have a fantastic eye you have a gift

  10. I feel the same way…maybe we all need some new kind of challenge.

  11. Amber, so amazing! Love the tone and feel!!!

  12. Gorgeous photo – and I understand the ebb and flow in blogging… just divert your attention to something else and it’ll return in time of its own accord.

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