f/22, ISO 200, 0.6 sec., polarizer, and unabashed Photoshopping

When hearing of California some visualize gentle beaches, sunny and warm, lined by tropical palm trees… ahhh…

Northern California is not so tame…  Cypress trees twist and bend eastward pushed by the chilling winds, and frigid turbulent waters, powerful rip tides, and great white sharks, lend teeth to our scenic coast. How I love it. The best part about taking shots like this is getting wet!


~ by aswirly on October 11, 2010.

38 Responses to “Untamed”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Amber….so in awe at seas like that!

  2. That first shot is amazing! I’ve always wanted to try something like that and haven’t gotten the chance (yet).
    We vacationed in California two years ago, and drove along the coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco. That was some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen! ♥

  3. Yeah you`re right if I hear the word “california” Im thinkin of images like those:-) Love the top one, it really draws me right in there! But I`ll make sure without any photo-gear:-)…or at least not without any insurance. LOL

    Great Shots!

  4. Both these stunning works of art, are as close as I’ll ever get to California! You certainly get the feel of the chilling winds and turbulent waters. I’m captivated by the swell of the bottom image ,while the first image racing towards the sunset is quite breathtaking. Beautifully composed and worthy of much higher recognition than I could ever bestow! Wonderful to be amongst such talented people!

    • Thank you Keith! During winter storms those homes along the sea wall get flooding. It is so neat to see the waves crashing over the wall. I’ve even seen them crash over the pier I was standing on to get the shot. Love the power of the sea!

  5. Oh the hardship you endure. lol. I sure do hope you’re not attempting to garner sympathy about living in San Francisco. If you truly want to get wet then I suggest you move to the UK. lol. ;)
    Do love the rugged and untamed shots though. :)

  6. The movement in that top photo is gorgeous. I feel like a soul soaring into the scene.

  7. Uber beautiful – love the tones and the elemental feel. What a place!

  8. Stunningly beautiful images.Typically,your photos speak for themselves,but your description of these northern california seascapes is poetic.Sometimes,the description by the photographer equals the images that they capture,this is such an example,and I thank you for that.Keep up the REMARKABLE work.

    • Thank you so much C. I have actually been working on tailoring my despcriptions to suit the pics. I’m so glad you noticed and appreciate it :)

  9. I too am drawn to the northwest coastal scenes, so much power along those waters. Both images are beautiful, but that top one took a hold of me.

  10. Great shots, both of them. I like how each of them has their own dominant colour to set the mood.

  11. This is absolutely beautiful, I love the first shot especially

  12. Two awesome, and very moody shots. The smaller one of the waves hitting the rocks under the houses really grabs me. There is so much dramatic tension in that shot – I am just staring at it expecting the waves to come crashing forward at any second. Awesome!

  13. beautiful work, these are both absolutely fantastic!! simplicity and beauty in the first and a start contrast in the second. I’m really really liking the second image here.. absolutely amazing!
    well done-

  14. This one and the split toned flower are beautiful.

    – Dan

  15. What a lovely spot to be wet or dry.

  16. Both are great, you must have been on a pier for the second one though? I like how the first one has three super strong elements, sea, sky, mountain. Gorgeous.

  17. I love this shot. The low angle makes it look like you are in the water. Great stuff!!

  18. haha Ok that would be a picture in itself. I often thought that I should bring along hip boots to get in the shot I’m looking for. Great Stuff.

    • You should!! Although, I must say my boots hardly do anything. Hip boots would be better. With mine the waves go right over and in and I make quite a mess driving home. lol.

  19. Beautiful scene as always Amber … great work.

    p.s. Marie and I just booked our flight to San Fransisco … we’ll be in town the 17th – 21st … gotta pick your brain re: the best places to shoot!

  20. Coolness!!! :)

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