Night on the Baltic

I had one photographic goal when visiting Northern Germany last month: get one shot of the Baltic Sea at night!

Well, this proved a little more challenging than I anticipated. We had only 2 nights on the coast, no time to scout for an ideal shooting location, and cold rainy weather.  In the end I did come home with one shot, this one, taken at about 10 pm at night on a full moon for about 2 minutes looking across in the direction of Lübeck. We had just come from dinner and my clothes were  not suited for photographing the beach, but it was my only moment so I kicked my high heels into the bushes and ran down the beach in my socks.  Finding the shoes after in the dark proved rather tricky ;) Not the most dramatic of shots, but I’m happy I got something nonetheless…

~ by aswirly on December 19, 2010.

22 Responses to “Night on the Baltic”

  1. See now personally I’d have just carried my high heels with me. lol. But then I guess that’s because us men are far more sensible. Ummmm. Not that I wear high heels of course, cos that would be.. ahem. well. Moving swiftly on. Well at least you achieved your goal, and with no real time to scout for the perfect spot, I’d have to say you did pretty well here. Love the little green starburst too. Very nice.

  2. Another awesome photograph.

  3. This is really beautiful. I’m amazed that this was taken so late at night. Love that the water and sky are the same color, separated only by the city lights on the horizon.
    Now all that’s missing from this post is video of you, crawling through the bushes, trying to find your shoes! ;-)

    • Thanks! :) Well, the moon was really bright and it cast alot of light into the scene, plus this beach was near a hospital and town so there was light pollution.

  4. It was well worth the hike down to the shore. Very nice.

  5. Very nice Amber. The eye follows those rocks to the horizon. Lovely composition and sky- altocumulus? Fabulous colours too!

    • Definitely altocumulous, I think ;) Don’t you just LOVE clouds. Had it just been a full moon with no clouds I don’t think the shot would have worked at all. Thanks Keith :)

  6. Love the sky in this shot, and how it meets the horizon. The little starburst on the city lights creates a nice effect. Really well composed – I think you did an awesome job, especially with such time limitations. :)

  7. Still a nice image becuase you were there and worked for it. I think the thin line of humanity in all this nature is quite appealing. Merry Christmas to you and hubby Amber.

  8. I love this photograph. The rocks in the foreground and the lights in the distance with that one bright light. LOVE IT!

  9. I’ve missed so, so much recently…I do apologise.

    Lovely night shot and well found given the time. Hope you found your shoes!

  10. Germany is one of my favorite countries in which we visit often. So, I am curious where Your lovely photo was taken?

    • Hi Sartenada! This was taken in a lovely little coastal town called Neustadt in Holstein :)

      • Thank You. I have not been in this town, but quite near in Scharbeutz which is South of Neustadt in Holstein. Distance between them is about 5 miles, but we visited there in September 2007 after driving around in Germany as we usually do every two years.

        • 20007? It sounds like it’s about time for you to return :) I am trying to study German now so I can be better prepared next time I visit :)

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