The Enchanted Tree

I found this tree simply enchanting…

and even more so at night ;)

I am relieved that it is January…like a breath of fresh air, or a system reboot.  Creativity takes a nap when you’re checked out… It’s time to wake up….wake up!

~ by aswirly on January 4, 2011.

48 Responses to “The Enchanted Tree”

  1. Absolutely stunning Amber – and I totally agree about having a January reboot. Very wise…

  2. Beautifully done, Amber…

  3. ‘Starry, Starry Night’

    What a gorgeous photo!

  4. Steh auf, Amber!

    This is lovely. I recognized it and then was like “hey…. waaaait a miiiinute…” Love the effects! It’s like a dream…

    • hehehe I thought you’d recognize it ;) The tree was great, but it really needed something better going on in the sky. I took out all the people too because, well, people shouldn’t be out here at night ;)

  5. Great shot, Amber. Very beautiful.

  6. Fanatastic photo. Very enchanting, indeed.

  7. Amber, that is awesome!!!! Love it!!!

  8. Enchanting indeed Amber, just beautiful and dreamy.

  9. Beautiful! Love the blue of the sky and the tiny star trails.

  10. There’s never a dull moment with any of your work! The sky and stars are full of magic and the tree with the extended foreground pulls me closer. I love trees, but none more so that those which stand alone. Beautiful colours- don’t know how you do what you do!!!

    • Thanks so much Keith! This tree was pretty spectacular. We found it in a park in Germany and it was standing like this, so massive and all alone. It was just beautiful. The sky didn’t do it justice though and just begged for some stars :)

  11. can’t I just sleep in until next year?

    The air smells clean and feels crisp in this image.

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love how you captured the leaves in the foreground as well

  13. Enchanting shot. In fact, this reminds me of the Enchanted Wood/Faraway Tree books I grew up reading as a kid… ( , since I don’t think Edith Blyton is as ubiquitous in the US as she is in the UK and AUS)

  14. This shot is awesome! I love the myhtical feel to it. Definitely something magical about that tree! I love this one.

  15. Beautiful, Amber.

    – Dan.

  16. Beautiful shot Amber. Also the one of your sister.
    My youngest daughter (16) has started a blog for her photography, if you can please visit it and give her a few hints. Thank you!

  17. Yes, that’s lovely! Tree, stars, leaves… very romantic.

  18. Oh my! Enchanted indeed! I love the colors and the bright tiny stars. I could sit under that tree and dream.

  19. Amber, your vision through photography is beautiful. This tree, alone in all that space with the night glow remind me of endless possibilities. The blues make this happen.

    • Thanks so much Leslie. THis was a bit of fun. After adding the starry sky from a previous shot I took, I had to add various blues to all the image to make it all work :)

  20. Oh..this is absolutely magical! What an inspiring creation!

  21. This picture is wonderful! I love the stary sky, very enchanting :)

  22. Another lovely and evocative shot. Very misty and marvellous. Happy New Year Ambs x

  23. Looks simply amazing Amber. Love how you’ve amberized that sky. :)

  24. Great shot – reminds me of the film “The Fountain” and how it portrays the Tree of Life.

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