A Cello Lesson…

Yesterday my precious friend had her first cello recital!! Way to go girl! I’m so impressed by her determination to take up learning this new instrument.  I was priviledged to accompany her and photograph her lesson awhile back, using a speedlight and window light,  from which this picture came from. :)

~ by aswirly on January 17, 2011.

30 Responses to “A Cello Lesson…”

  1. The light in your pictures is always so dramatic. I wonder what a speedlight might be? Lovely framing, almost like a secret peep through a window. Her fingers seem to indicate she knows what she’s doing! Beautiful as always.

  2. That is some yummy light – I bet you had fun with that on the warm wood of the cello.

  3. This is a beautiful portrait, Amber. You’ve captured an intensity in your subject that’s really nice.

  4. I love the concentration on her face while she plays her instrument. Great photo!

  5. Wow Amber this is an excellent mood setting photo.
    I like how you kept that in the foregroud, exposing only a prt of her, with those intense eyes.
    Happy New Year too!
    Miss ya!

  6. I love the framing of this shot.

  7. Love all your new stuff! Sooo pretty :)

  8. She sure does look to be in the zone, and how great that you had permission to capture some shots of her during her lessons too. And now a recital, wow. Did you go ??. Did she do great ??. How long did she play for ??. Love the shot too btw. :)

    • It was fun going to her lesson and just being like a fly on a wall. Even the teacher didn’t mind. But no, didn’t get to go to the recital this time. She promises next time though ;) THanks B!

  9. This is a great composition and lighting, it looks soft and warm

  10. Just loking at this portrait,I can almost hear the music.I am sure your friend will treasure this image many years from now,as a priceless peek at a moment where she was becoming the artist that she is. Must be terribly satisfying to be able to give back to your subjects like that!

  11. I love the light setting too! I wish my face was not so intense…
    Yes, I do want you to come to next recital. You will have a fun. The previledge is mine, having a wonderful girlfriend who is also a great photographer!!

  12. My cello teachers kitchen (where we usually end up) would make for some awesome shots, but photogenuc is not what I look like mid-lesson!

    • LOL. I’m sure you’d look very intense like my friend here. Wonderful that you are learning the cello too. It’s such a beautiful intrument!

  13. Beautifully lit and you caputred her focus and determination so well.

  14. Beautiful light! This is the reason why I’ll switch to Nikon. The flashsystem at Nikons rocks! I just love it. I would never get that natural look with my Canon. Always looks way to flashy:-)

  15. You captured a wonderful look of determination.

  16. Whoop – hope the recital went really well. Beautifully shot with the lighting.

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