Simply a Shell

Completely out of watercolor paper and a plate too full to do any serious shooting, I was starting to get a little sad. Sigh… Although still twitching to get out for some shooting,  I DID manage to purchase some new paper. Hooray! So um… here’s a seashell :) It’s not quite what I had envisioned, but that is alright. It was fun to paint…

~ by aswirly on January 20, 2011.

34 Responses to “Simply a Shell”

  1. I think it’s gorgeous! Love the reflection. I wonder what type of shell? I guess the home owner long since departed. Your paintings are always so clean. I’ve stopped collecting garden shells since I noticed Doris was eating them. Lovely. Hope you’re feeling a little more cheered. Our days seem to be picking up!

    • This little shell shares my desk with me, but I have no idea what kind it is. I’m so glad Tikki doesn’t eat my shells ;) So glad you like this. I feel like it came out a bit cartoony, as do my other paintings. Not really what I want so it’s something I want to try and improve on… Thank you Keith!!

  2. Very nice! I lover the simplicity of the background and how it contrasts the complexity of the shell. Beautiful.

  3. As if you EVER do a “sinply a” type of post. lol. You always post something that has a certain something special about it, and this is no exception. I sure hope you manage to find yourself some serious me time soon when you can go out shooting or something else just as pleasing. :)

  4. This is really lovely! I think you have done a super job. Glad you able to get out to restock your paper.

  5. I like this, Amber. It’s got a beautiful shape and tonality that’s lovely. Keep it up.

  6. yay drawing shells is fun! one way or another :) i’m working on shells (and snails) at the moment :) fun stuff. and beautiful pattetns and shapes too!

  7. Wow I’m so thrilled that your staying with painting along with your photography, a talent of both arts. And you know how I love the ocean, and this is a beautiful reminder.

    • Thank you so much Ryan! You know, I never want to give up painting again. I don’t know why I stopped . Guess time went by, and then I thought I couldn’t… weird how that happens. But I’ve been oh so enjoying painting again!

  8. This is so pretty! My best friend loves everything ocean.. shells, ships, lighthouses… she would love this!

  9. What a wonderful blog site. I love the photography and artistic elegance of your paintings! WOW!

  10. Hi Sweetie

    i love the shell painting. Nice work.

    I am so happy you are painting again!

  11. It’s lovely. I especially like what you’ve done with the background and reflection – a beautiful touch.

  12. Love the lonely shell. You speak of plate too full bringing sadness. Lonely shell speaking sadness? I don’t know, but I see a relationship, here, yet you have captured the glow on the shell! Simply beautiful.

  13. Your painting makes me feel like I’m walking on a beach and just made a discovery of a wonderful seashell and trust me Amber that feels better than all of this ice and snow in my reality – so thank you.

  14. A beautiful shell. I love your delicate markings on the outer shell and the hint of them on the inner part of the shell.

  15. This is very pretty, and I love the reflection!

  16. This is so beautiful, simple yet eye catching

  17. Lovely. So 3D. There is beauty in simplicity!

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