Sharp Park Stars

Lying next to the sea wall by the Pacifica Pier and my favorite walk to Mori Point is a golf course called Sharp Park.  Resting so close to the beach it is filled with ice plant nearly ready to bloom and windswept trees. Last night a ridiculously clear night beckoned me and hubby was kind enough to escort me to the beach where we snuck just inside the golf course for some star shooting.

This is a 64 sec. exposure. The distant glow in the sky is cast from the urban areas lining the San Francisco Bay, and the left-hand light from passing cars.

~ by aswirly on February 3, 2011.

41 Responses to “Sharp Park Stars”

  1. Way cool, Amber – what a great exposure. Love the trees in the foreground. What a great image!

  2. Wow, Amber. This is great. Well composed and beautiful light. It’s been months since we have seen stars because it’s very overcast here, so this makes my day.

  3. Pretty pic…

  4. Wow – Ansel Adams would be proud! Great EVERYTHING! :-)

    • Thanks so much Tracy! We had just given up finding a spot to shoot and were heading towards the car when my hubby suggested we go into the golf course. I’m so glad we did :)

  5. WOW!!! Another amazing night shot. Just beautiful.

  6. Impressive, very! But…try saying the title of this post with a bunged nose as I just did!

  7. sehr interessant

  8. The lights and darks in this photo are very dramatic. A beautiful photograph.

  9. Absolutely fantastic. Magical! 64 seconds??? – WOW!

    • Yeah, 64. I forgot my stopwatch and was counting for a minute so as to get static stars. It’s too bright here to get trails. Thanks Marcie!

  10. Wonderful shot – just magical.

  11. Great shot Amber. Such a beautiful and dramatic shot. Great light and a wonderful feel to it.

  12. Those sure are some freaky looking trees you’ve got out there. Another wonderful night shot Amber, and made all the more interesting with the light from the passing cars.

    • Thanks B! They really are freaky looking, which is why I like them ;) I never thought it would ever be dark enough in this spot to get these trees with stars! :)

  13. A wonder, a beauty, and a magical mood. Love it Amber.
    Nice painting below as well.

  14. This is beautiful Amber. It’s been a project of mine to paint a night image like this as a monochromatic piece! I love those stars and the twisted trees. The urban glow gives the whole image so much ambience! If I could be a photographer, I would choose to be you!

    • I think that is one of the nicest compliments I’ve recieved! Thank you so much Keith! I’m flattered. I think a monochromatic night painting would be absolutely magical, and you don’t really have to wait for a clear night either :) I can’t wait to see what you do.

  15. Oh wow! The trees look so humanesque! Arms upraised and swaying to the night music coming in off the water!

  16. Absolutely awesome tones Ambs, beautifully shot.

  17. What a beautiful shot, I love it in black and white too

  18. That is totally amazing, Amber, as it the light bulb shot. Wish I could do your magic.

  19. Amber, so so so beautiful!!!

  20. Excellent shot – and not an easy one to get right.

  21. I L o v e this photo! awesome awesome awesome =)

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