Swish! (the boring day)

F/22, ISO 200, 1/8 second with ND & polarizer filter

Midday shots are never quite as dramatic, rich, or inspiring, as their dawn and dusk counterparts… There is just so much glare, and who really likes a boring blue sky? Huh? It’s funny to me. How happy most of us are to enjoy sunny days and blue skies, but often these are a photographer’s nightmare.  Sometimes there is even the tendancy to think to oneself, “what a crappy day! It’s too sunny and nice out! Why go out at all?”  I know I often think this way ;)

This particular day was just such a pretty (boring) day. To cut some glare and add some softness and movement to the water I stacked on a 4x ND filter and a polarizer. 

We are having a full on thunderstorm today. I’m staying INDOORS! Happy Friday! :)

~ by aswirly on March 18, 2011.

28 Responses to “Swish! (the boring day)”

  1. Haha. You and me both. Often have I been heard to say “What’s the point going out today.. Just look at that clear blue sky”.
    Well, when I say often, obviously I don’t mean TOO often, as we are talking about the uk after all. lol.
    You’ve certainly made the most of the appalling weather though I have to say. So jealous of your rugged coastlines. Wonderful shot A. :)

  2. I totally know what you mean! I often have that feeling, and if I do venture out, I usually go for details and intimate scenes – never skies! :)

    I think this looks great. The colour is awesome and the comp works very well. Nice one.

    • Yeah, I try to avoid skies too. DOn’t know what I was thinking here… hehe… I did take some of just the rocks with no sky, but for some reason it felt unbalanced. hmmm…. Thanks Mike!

  3. I don’t mind mid day as long as there is a little cloud or two or three, I really like the colors in your shot, nice work!

  4. Oh dear how nice photo.

    I especially enjoyed those mighty rocks and water. Those rocks are really very interesting and beautiful. I would like to walk on them.

  5. Nice shot, Amber. I’m sorry the weather has been so nice there. At least you’re out and enjoying it.

  6. Your subject matter is always worth a trip out, so I wouldn’t worry too much :-) In fact, your love of the ocean coupled with your ability to capture its moods are nothing short of breathtaking. I look forward to these posts, not just for the lovely narrative and stunning photography, but because they also bring happiness and pleasure. I often sat in a meeting with my laptop, seen a new post from you and drifted into Pacifica and the world you share with us. Never stop. You’re forever duty bound. Best Keith.

    • Keith, your comment sure made my day! I’m so happy to share scenes from our coast, but I’m even more delighted thinking that you really enjoy them, and that they can possibly bring a little color and joy to your work day. I’m really touched by that. Thank you.

  7. Hah! Yes, I have been known to say: ‘Well the light’s not at its best.’ It doesn’t stop me however …which is probably why too many of my shots turn out as ‘holiday snaps’! One of these days I definitely have to get my head around ND filters.

    Your shot is lovely – sun and sea always make me smile.

    • Thank you Jayne. The thing is too, for me that midday sunshine really motivates me to go out. It feels so good to shoot then, but the light…that glaring light…blech!

  8. Very true. Don’t know how often I have to catch myself responding how ho-hum a clear sunny day is when they proclaim “What a beautiful day!”

  9. Hi Amber, I really like this shot. I like the green on the rocks, the movement of the water and yes, even the beautiful blue sky.

  10. The green rocks remind me of a slippery stairs…

  11. What a great job you did with “boring day”,Amber. Just for fun that should be the title of this. :) I love the movement created and can’t get my eyes off all the wonderful shapes of the rocks. Great photo!

  12. This is great – I love the power and movement in the composition. If this is what you can do with a boring day……

  13. Amber, love the swish!!! Cool shot!!

  14. nice shot :) colors and contrast look great

  15. That’s a lovely shot, and I’ve always been partial to blue skies, preferable a sky that is more like 75% blue and the rest in clouds. Either that of dramatic clouds and skies :-)

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