Under the stars…

70 seconds, f/5.6, ISO 200

And under the moon… that is why this sea glows.  Away from all city lights I was sure I could capture this cove in a long exposure…a real long one, not just 70 seconds, but the moon shone so brighly like a spotlight on the water creating an almost unearthly mood. To me it feels very eerie. I added a subtle split-tone to enhance the effect.

~ by aswirly on March 27, 2011.

42 Responses to “Under the stars…”

  1. Ah! I was wondering where all this light was coming from. It does look eerie, but AMAZING!

  2. This is really gorgeous Amber….wow

  3. Great mood. I miss the coast.

  4. Wow! I love the atmosphere and the mysterious feel to the photo. Veryyyy nice! :)

  5. It does look a little eerie, but I like it. (What is a split-tone?)

  6. Beautiful.

  7. This, I could stare at nightly. This would be an image I’d frame. Absolutely dreamlike and restful.

  8. Great shot, Amber. I can see some streaking on the stars from the long exposure. Really nice!!!

  9. Love that soft water against the harshness of the rocks, and your split toning compliments the two perfectly. Beautiful shot A, hope you had your wellies on too. ;)

  10. Amber, what a peaceful magical photo, and an excellent job of capturing/creating that feeling. The split toning really made it pop. I didn’t realize that 70 secs was enough time for star trails but they definitely moved in this image.

  11. Definitely an eerie feel to it! I really love the vibe of this shot. The moonlight provides great light and the long exposure gives a soft motion to it. Very cool.

  12. Beautifully done!

  13. This is lovely Amber. Somehow or other you seem to have inside knowledge of my Photo Bucket List because capturing the sea’s movement to look soft and creamy like this is definitely there. Doing so at night would be the ultimate.

  14. The ocean looks like silk. It’s another beautiful image and I really like the monochromatic tension. I guess eerie-but also with a sense of something about to happen. Stunning Amber.

    • Hi Keith. I’m real glad you like it. I was hoping to achieve that silky effect in the water but I thought it would all be ruined what with the moon so bright. I should have known though that the moon always adds a little something special :) I hope you’re feeling a little better…

  15. A beautiful night by the sea, I can almost hear the water.

  16. it makes me want to sleep…

  17. Stunning image! So beautifully executed in perfectly simple black and white!

  18. A beautiful, inspiring shot.

  19. I like:-)

  20. I have been sooooo bad of late keeping up (thousands of apologies).

    Will now have a good look through your blog – this one immediately caught my eye. Great tones and view. Lovely milky waves, nice one.

    • Oh a thousand apologies likewise to you! haha, we just get so busy!! hehe…. thank you Bri. So nice to see you and I’m glad you like this one :)

  21. […] arrested than anything else… lol… One of my goals whilst away though was to follow in Mrs A’s footsteps, and get me some star trails… so off to the nearest churchyard I headed (what […]

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