Mini Magnified…

Mini has been helping me with my German course… well, mostly she just gets in the way and stands on all of my notes while I’m trying to study!!! Mine clones, I tell ya, they want soooo much attention! ;)

I have been neglectful of my blog, and your blogs, and for that I am sorry. I did however finish the first part of my German course, A1!! whoo hoo :)  I am at a point now where I feel very excited about it, and a little discouraged at the same time. I wonder, will I ever understand this? Is it too hard for me to learn? Just when I think I am doing great I am reminded as to how little I know ;) I am great at taking the quizes, but putting together real-life sentences… oh gosh! I am determined to keep trying though! :)

Have a great day!

~ by aswirly on April 25, 2011.

36 Responses to “Mini Magnified…”

  1. Well as someone who studied German, and passed (have no idea how) with an A, I really do admire you for sticking at this entirely out of personal choice. The words are relatively simple, but the disjointed construction of sentences baffled me. lol. Sadly though I never got the opportunity to use it in real life, und ich habe jetzt vergessen alles das ich erlernte… almost. lol.
    Do always love your mischievous little mini me’s though, but I’m sure you’ll find having an “assistant” (however helpful they may or may not be) is considered cheating !!. lol. She does look rather cute here though (if only I were 5ft shorter. lol).

    • Ich denke du hast nicht vergessen. Du musst nur praxis :) Danke B :) I’m pretty sure you have a rather small assistant too. Where has he been hiding?

  2. As long as you are determined, then I think you shall succeed. Good luck!

  3. This is awesome Amber – I’ve missed Mini. She is so cute. Glad to hear you are still at it with the German. I finally have more time available to help as needed. All my big events are finished! Yeah… =)

  4. Very clever. Fantastic concept and execution. It must be nice to have such a helpful assistant too.

  5. Mini is a wonderful model but it must take some adjustment to your workflow taking close-up portrait shots with a macro lens. ;-)

    Wonderful creative work.

    Congratulations on your German Language course completion…remember, darkest before the dawn and all that. Persevere!

  6. Jetzt kannst Du ja bald Dein Blog auf deutsch schreiben!
    Und Deiner Mini musst Du eben drohen, dass Du sie mit Deinem Daumen zerquetscht, dass lässt sie Dich vielleicht in Ruhe ;-)

    Ok, Ok, I’ll save you some time looking up the words… Pretty soon you will be able to write your blog in German!
    And you’ll just have to threaten your Mini that you’ll squish her with your thumb, and maybe she will leave you alone ;-)

    Fun Mini pic, as usual.

    • Hehehe, well I understood the first sentence without looking at least ;) Thanks Michaela. I am so jealous of your bilingual-ness.

  7. Nice to see Mini is still as spunky as ever! Congrats on the A, Amber! How fitting! :-)

  8. I always had you down as a swot Amber! Seriously though-well done. I enjoy your mini clones, nice to be able to bring some fun and skill into a post. I forget what I learn so easily unless I speak it often, however you’re always the clever clogs. Viel Glück und weiter so hart arbeiten. Testen Sie mich einmal.

    • Du sprischst Deutsch??!!! Wow. Ich bin so beeindruckt. :) Warum sprichst du Deutsch? Hast du Deutsch in Schule gelernt? Vielen Dank Keith :) I’m so happy you like the mini clones!!

  9. This is so clever Amber…I don’t know a bit of German but I’ve lived next door to a German family. Does that count?!

    Love the processing skills you show on your mini’s. Not sure I’d have the patience (or knowledge) to do them even half as well. So cool!! :)

    • mmm…No sure that counts, unless they gave you a German chocolate cake recipe. Then maybe you can slide ;) Thanks so much Gina!! :)

  10. Sehr hubsch. Best way to learn is to live there and only speak Deutsch! I went to an immersion school for a month. At the end, I could talk about as well as a 4 or 5 year old, which was a pretty big accomplishment. Good for you for taking on a new challenge.

    • It is soo cool that you had that opportunity. Ich bin neidisch. I’m not sure I can do that, hehe… I’ll just plug along best I can. Thanks Bob!

  11. I always thought that you might have a big headed attitude, and I guess this confirms it! But if your going to have a bighead, it might as well be a cute one. Very creative once again, and fun.

  12. Ya know, you can aaaallllways ask me when it comes to German. I can repeat as often as you want, until you really got the right pronounciation. Deal?

  13. A brilliant take on a closeup portrait,nice one! And,add me to the list of wellwishers in your linguistic pursuits!

  14. That’s really really cool! I’m happy to heard that you like your German course. It must be so difficult to learn… ;)

  15. Nice! Yet another awesome piece of creative photography. Way to go with the German course! I am terrible with languages, but studying Enlgish lit, you can’t help gain an appreciation for German. Very impressed! :)

  16. Woaaah Tis is awesome Amber! I love it! Great Idea and very nicely done! Even the light and the flare on the glass looks perfect!

    Great great great!

    • Thank you J!! I added the flare on the glass last and I wondered if it looked natural. I’m really happy you noticed it!

  17. Amber, 2 cute!! Love your artistry!! =))

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