Playing Dress-Up…

…In a big house :)

Expectation: K dipping her toes in the pool… waiting…

This past weekend my sister, friend, and I enjoyed house-sitting my Aunt’s lovely home. We brought fun dresses and staged a few silly shots :)

The Stepford Wives ;)

~ by aswirly on May 4, 2011.

40 Responses to “Playing Dress-Up…”

  1. Both are fun, stylish and posh…you are so creative!


  3. Girls just wanna have fun!

  4. How FUN!!! WHAT a fantastic place! :-)

  5. Well, I actualy love the aprons! I have an old fashioned one I bought years back from a designer who specialized in the types of aprons her granny wore. I also had one, cream with big pink roses, that I wore in my twenties when baking and making jams, because it reminded me of my grandmother. And last year, I bought a mid-century black and silver waist apron, from a collectibles shoppe, for use when serving mid-century food out of mid-century chafin dishes, very Mad Men.

    I say, what’s old is new again.

    Nicely arranged choreography on the 2nd shot, too. I’d like to see more, really.

  6. I hope you’ve saved some of that cake for me !!, but so unfair that you’ve got your friend K doing the dishes whilst you take all the credit for the cooking. lol.

    • Well I tried to stuff a slice into an envelope for you, but it became quite messy and I was told off by the Post man. Sorry. ;) hehe. Yeah, poor K, she’s soooo tortured ;) Thanks B!

  7. Look pretty cool! You put your imagination into the game and caught it with your camera. Well done!

  8. I so want that cake! And I love your pictures, but you already know that.

  9. Stepford Wives — too funny! It’s a great shot. Love the posing and outfits. What a beautiful kitchen. I want one!

  10. Looks like a beautiful place. Love the aprons and all the housewifely duties you are all completing. Lol. Cute idea and I’m betting you all had loads of fun :)

    • It was pretty fun, although I have to admit I was quite exhausted with all the entertaining in a big house. I think I’ll stick to my low-maintainance little apartment ;) Thanks Gina!

  11. Ha! Such fun!

  12. Looks like you all had a blast!
    Beautiful home!

  13. oooo…looks like you guys had a nice time. That Stepford wives photo is quite funny. Gotta love those aprons!! You all are so cute :)

  14. pretty:)

  15. Such a wonderful portrait. Love the scene..the composition!

  16. DAMN,thats a nice kitchen! Nice photo,but you stepford wives,don’t go and short-circuit on us! Great,now I’m in the mood for cake,and I got none around…

  17. Love the stepford wives! And a great shot of your friend at the pool. Some house! Great photos.

  18. I knew these were fake or photoshopped as soon as I seen you in the kitchen! LOL
    Great shots, and love the pool, is she single? I’m joking! I’m happily married, but with out a pool!

    • Hey hey hey, I totally bake for reals. hehehe… Awww no pool? You don’t need a pool, just get a hottub and we’ll be right over! Thanks Ryan :)

  19. Brilliant Amber. You never fail to raise a smile. Everything looks very tasty. :-)

  20. Amber we look soooo fabulous!!!!! i so want to go back there again in the summer!!!!

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