Take a Seat…

…but please, not with me!

I’m quite terrifed of spiders… but like fire, and also sharks, there is also the curiosity. ;) Happy weekend to all!

~ by aswirly on June 11, 2011.

32 Responses to “Take a Seat…”

  1. Is that a really big spider or a really tiny chair? No matter – it’s a wonderful image.

  2. Yikes! BUTr, what a FANTASTIC furniture ad this would be (a la ‘Litle Miss Muffet’)! Very clever! :-)

    • Thanks Tracy! The little chair is a table setting piece… you know, the kind that holds a card with someone’s name on it. I got it from a wedding and thought it looked better with a spider :)

  3. Great!

  4. This looks absolutely REAL! Love it! How did you do this? I swear that spider had to pose for you, Amber.

    • hehe… Thank you Leslie!!! Well… when I stumble across something cool, like this spider for instance, I take several shots and file them away as stock images for when I get a burst of inspiration. Last night I had a thought that this chair would be neat with a spder and I remembered I had a file full of this spider in a few different poses. A little tweaking of the angles, and some blending in Photoshop, and there you have it!

  5. Very cool and kinda creepy!

  6. Absolutely love this…

  7. She looks like Queen Elizabeth:-). Nice piece of art!

  8. I LOVE this picture…How on earth did you do this? Very original!

    • Oh thank you Debby. Well… it’s just a bit a Photoshopping really. I shot the mini chair on my desk on black posterboard and then manipulated an image of a spider I photograpped previously into the scene :).

  9. Great image with the spider and the chair. But I’m with you. That spider may take a seat, but not with me either.

  10. Oh..there’s a whole imaginary story here to be told. Wonderful imagery – spider or not!

  11. S’funny, but when you first aired a shot of this freaky little beast, I thought “man you have some scary looking spiders over there”, but I’ve done some searching to find out more about this one in particular, and it turns out it’s a Wasp Spider (I think), and do you know where it’s from !!. Well do ya ??. Go on, have a guess. ;) Yup, it would be Europe, and we have them here in the UK too apparently. Although I’ve never seen one, as they’re so tiny. lol. Oh, and apparently they bite. ;)

    All that aside though, I do love what you’ve created here A. Quite the creepy fantasy image. Very clever and very nice indeed. :)

    • Well of COURSE! I mean, don’t ALL the creepy stuff come from Europe? I mean, YOU’RE there! haha ;) These spiders are soooo not tiny. No no no no… this picture is hardly an exxageration at all. eeeeeek…. hehe thanks B!

  12. Very cool… in a creepy sort of way. Love how the colors of the spider and the chair match so well.

    • Thank you Michaela! That was exactly what made me think of this spider. I shot the chair and background first and remembered this spider had the same colors. Thanks for noticing :)

  13. This is fabulously creepy and a wee bit surreal. I detest spiders. More than snakes or anything else creaturely. That aside this is a great piece of work Amber! :)

    • Thanks Gina! Yeah, I’m with you… I don’t *mind* spiders outside, if they stay away from me… but… they’d better not be in my house, car, or anywhere else near me or ELSE. eeeek…

  14. This one really has that aswirly touch. Creative, but also the luscious tones. It’s always fun seeing yorur creative work.

  15. Wow! It looks so real, fabulous job, Amber!

  16. Awesome!! I love this shot. I love the look of spiders (not necessarily fearful of them, though I can’t say I’d relish meeting this one in person). This is such a beautiful and imaginative shot. Same spider as in the self-portrait from a while back?

    • You have such a good eye, and memory! Yes, it IS the same spider I posed with last year, although a different image. I took several shots of this spider and picked a shot I could manipulate better with the chair :) Thank you Mike!

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