On the rise…

High in the Sierras a sleepy sun kisses the trees and ridge-tops on her way to bed.  A snow-dusted granite bluff is last to see her, while a luminous moon rises to take the next shift in the sky…

A couple favorites from this past weekend in Plumas County with my Dad…

~ by aswirly on October 12, 2011.

31 Responses to “On the rise…”

  1. Love the photograph of the moon

  2. I can see why they’re two of your faves. Beautiful shots A, sure seems like you had a wonderful weekend. :)

  3. Exquisitely beautiful..absolutely magical image. What a stunning scene!

  4. WOW! these are beautiful, Amber. Must have bee a really great weekend!

  5. Oh, this a beautiful shot of the moon with nice shadows!

  6. You have two wonderful looking photographs here Amber, the top one is my favourite and the beauty is captured so well, it is a truly stunning picture that my great friend :)

    I am pleased that you had a
    really good time with your father :)

    Androgoth XXx

    • Thank you very much Androgoth. It was a really nice getaway and fun that we can share this hobby together. Hope you are having a lovely week :)

  7. Both nicely seen images Amber. The moon shot is absolutely killer.

  8. beautiful :)

  9. I love the feeling of cool crispness and solitude.

  10. Your pictures and words describe it beautifully. Hope you enjoyed a nice time together. Looking forward to seeing more from your trip.

    • Oh thank you Keith. It was a really nice weekend, and we explored a little bit of California I’ve never seen before. A mini adventure. We saw more trains than anything and I’ll post a few soon.

  11. I love the full moon high over the landscape. Both photos are pretty spectacular.

  12. I love the Sierras and these photos of it are incredible – makes me wish I was back there again. =)

  13. I hope that your weekend
    has been a lovely one Amber :)

    Androgoth XXx

  14. Lovely photos, and beautiful words.

  15. Wow. Simply amazing!

  16. Awesome shots Amber! The second one is stunning – reminds me of the book The Golden Spruce (which is amazing as well if you haven’t read it).

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