The last of Autumn…

Flashback: These few scenes were photographed one year ago today in the city park of Hamburg, Germany.

Autumn was fading away and the smell of winter hung in the air. I loved the stillness, and the reflections in the water… and the solitary man enjoying a quiet walk under the trees.



~ by aswirly on November 20, 2011.

26 Responses to “The last of Autumn…”

  1. A very nice set of images, but the man walking the path is really special. I’m thinking a large print in the living room.

  2. Germany!!! ♥
    I think the only time I was in Hamburg was at the train station, but my best friend visits there regularly.
    Beautiful fall photos.

    • Thank you Michaela! I’d love to visit there again, but I also want to see Neuschwanstein. Perhaps I’ll have to do a whole Germany tour. :D

  3. Wow. Hard to believe that was a year ago… amazing how time passes. Really gorgeous shots, you captured the magical atmosphere of that beautiful place.

  4. Amber, such a lovely set!!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

  5. A peaceful moment, love the colored leaf! :)

  6. Great photos! Yes, from the pictures you can feel winter at the doorstep!

  7. The colors in this are so typically..peacefully ‘November’. Love that you see the beauty in the quiet.

  8. Love the Herbstfarben, erinnert der Park mir auch von der einen in der Nähe unseres Hauses. Meine Kinder lieben es, die Bäume zu klettern, aber für mich, ich habe keinen Kopf für Höhen. Schöne Arbeit Amber.

    • Vielen Dank Keith. Ich liebe es, dass du mich in Deutsch geschrieben hast! :) Danke. Ich habe auch ein wenig Höhenangst. Kindern haben nie Angst!

  9. Wow, time sure does fly eh. Looks exactly like the weather we’re having now too. Germany sure is a beautiful country isn’t it.

  10. I’m Thankful for lots, but also not forgetting my blog friends, their talent that share and kindness! Happy Thanksgiving Amber!

  11. I don’t mind the last of autumn, because here it is total raptor season now.
    We’ve already had a bit of snow that never lasted, and all the leaves are pretty much gone.
    Snowy Owls here now too YAY!

    You always do such nice photos Amber!

  12. Es macht Kommentare ein wenig mehr Spaß. Hoffe, du bist genießen die Veränderung in der Saison.

  13. Nice Post! Here it looks just like that, a bit sadness comes back to me when I look at those images. But this is just me…Love that top image, nice reflection!

    Great to see some images again, it’s been a while;-)

    Cheers jkob.

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