Wake-up Coffee…

Pre-Raphaelite Style ;)

This past week I had the privledge of house-sitting my Aunt’s beautifully fabulous home and her luxurious garden. With so much privacy I thought it would be fun to indulge in some dreamy shots, especially since her home is so full of enchanting and inspiring pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Computer woes are a thing of the past, but a new challenge has raised it’s ugly head. We have to move. If I haven’t told you, and you’re reading this, I’m sorry. We won’t move far, and after January I’m SURE things will be half-way back to normal.¬† 2012 has only just begun and already some big chnages are in oder!

Oh, and Auntie, if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t mind I used this¬†bedskirt I found… ;)

~ by aswirly on January 2, 2012.

24 Responses to “Wake-up Coffee…”

  1. Lovely images (of course!). Good luck with the move. Perhaps some great new opportunities will come along with it.

  2. So gorgeous….the colors and tones really set the mood in these photos. Beautifully done, my friend! =) And I hope the move goes well…as you know, I may have to move this year too. Not looking forward to it but it’ll be fine.

  3. Well, if you wear that bedskirt when the movers show up, I’m sure they’ll work more vigorously for you! Gorgeous shots, and an inspired idea for photographs.

  4. I love the the look and feel of these photos…dreamy indeed. You’re so creative and I’m glad you share some of it here. Best of luck with the upcoming move.

  5. Inspirational all the way. Aswirly rocks again. I was wondering where those timely clothes came from. Thank you for sharing their origin with us. Cleaver as always. Auntie probably did not mind as long as you didn’t wear them in the infinity pool. :)

  6. Moving? Moving? What a grand opportunity. New adventures await. You could move over the hill to the land of sunshine and warm summers. We would love to have you.

  7. very beautifully done :)

  8. Lovely images, Amber, very dreamy, I love it! Moving, hen? Big change and probably nice opportunities along the way. Wish you all the best for 2012! :) xx

  9. I’m so very sorry to hear you have to move A. What happened !?. Hopefully it’s not too far, as I know you love where you are now. Beautiful shots as always A.

  10. So inspiring and beautiful…thank you for sharing! Good luck on your move.

  11. Wonderful, Robin. Good luck with the move and all that 2012 has to offer!

  12. I detect a fit of fairy ale in these, Very nice. Good luck with the move, I don’t envy you.

  13. Both are amazing, but the second one in particular is quite stunning. It has such a great flow to it. Best of luck with the move! Happy New Year!

  14. Awesome work, Amber. You have certainly captured the pre-Raphaelite spirit. Wonderful. And good luck with the move.

  15. Move to Colorado :)

  16. Oh no! So sorry to hear that you have to move! (I hate moving!!!)
    Good luck and (a belated) Happy New Year!

  17. I’m of the opinion New Year would be a very good time to move house. Your Aunt’s garden looks beautiful, as does the bedskirt and your striking pose, not to mention the composition of both images. HNY

  18. Beautiful, enchanting shots! You have such a mysterious, enchanting look that’s perfect for these shots. Nice!
    Good luck on the move and remember… use the knees, not the back!

  19. Love your Saree!

  20. Gorgeous. That second shot looks like a pre-Raphaelite painting brought to life.

  21. As a lover of all things Pre-Raphaelite, these images have stayed in my mind for the last two weeks. Thought I should actually tell you so. Does your aunt have a Bird of Paradise growing in the woods or is that a little creative license?

  22. Hey deary…how’s your move going?

  23. Amber, love the bottom shot!!! Wonderful!!!

  24. […] painting to start, I had very little time for a major project, so I found this photo of Amber that I had wanted to paint for awhile now and this is the end result. Amber […]

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