A Day in the Life of a Waterfall

Midday sunshine and mist… A scrumptious waterfall recipe!

A fading sun, and an outbound tide, but the Waterfall still shines :)

Although the waterfall dominates this scene by day, the stars take all the glory at night.

What a treat to find this beautiful waterfall by the sea on our family getaway last weekend. The weather was not the most cooperative for photos, but we did our best. It was such fun to shoot the stars at night over the waterfall, but the incoming marine layer, coupled with the mist from the falls, created so much noise. Perhaps some day I will return to this spot and try again. We’ll see.

~ by aswirly on February 16, 2012.

34 Responses to “A Day in the Life of a Waterfall”

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Awesome! Great series!

  3. That sure looks like quite the location A, and real nice to see it at different times of the day… I think you should have got up real early for a sunrise too though.. lol.. ;)

  4. Oh how cool, Amber…these are awesome shots but I would imagine seeing something like this in person was even more amazing! =)

  5. Wow… absolutely gorgeous! The last one, with the stars is quite amazing. So so beautiful!

  6. Breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Noise or not, you did a wonderful job on the last photo — and of course on the first two as well. :-) Good to have you back!

  8. That’s really a nice series of shots – it would make a great framed triptych. I like that you took each shot from a slightly different perspective. I probably would have created it using the same for all three images, which may have resulted in a set of boring images. Excellent work!

    • THank you very much John. I appreciate your observation about the different perspectives. I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first, but it grew on me :)

  9. The night scene is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  10. Nice to have you back, hope everything is fine!

  11. These are such beautiful photos! I wish I could travel more so I could some great pictures like these (I am a wordpress photographer as well). Great job!

  12. I think the first image is very unusual. Definitely beautiful. And great job with the stars in #3.

  13. Great idea, really enjoyed the shot with the tide out. You’ve given me a plan Amber. PS good to have you back – we missed you!

    • Thank you so much Keith :) I’m still struggling to get settled and back to shooting and blogging… seems like there is always so much to do!

  14. What an amazing, magical locations. You’ve really done it justice.

  15. What a beautiful spot Amber. Very nice.

  16. A beautiful place and wonderful photography. Excellent work, Amber.

  17. Beautiful Image!
    I would like to ask your permission to possibly paint a photo of yours? It’s the one of you lying down with a beautiful draped material over you. I love the image and I’m not sure how soon I will get to it, but wanted your permission first.

  18. Beautiful night shot :)

  19. Wow, Amber – these are great! :)

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