Painting Favorites

Every now and then when the mood strikes I draw or paint… I used to paint alot as a kid and teen, but then…well, I guess I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I recently began painting again ao here is a page to post my favorites of this rekindled passion.

These are my recent favorites. You can view a more complete collection of my paintings by visiting my website’s painting gallery, or purusing the painting posts featured on this blog. Thanks for viewing :)


Tears in the Rain– 2010 – Watercolor. Painter’s tape used as a resist. 

Winter Trees – 2010 – Watercolor. See this print in my store here :)

Lübeck  – 2010 – Pen sketch and watercolor. See this print in my store here :)


Safari Animal Set featuring Zebra, Rhino, Ostrich, & Wildebeast – 2010 – Watercolor

See this set in my store here, here, here and here :)

Aglow  – 2010 –  watercolor


Simply a Shell – 2011 – watercolor. See this print in my store here :)

Shelter Cove – 2011 – watercolor, ink, & acrylic accents. See this print in my store here :)

The Yearling – 2011 – watercolor. See this print in my store :)

Bored – 2010 – Watercolor

Die Blumen – 2011 – Watercolor

Neuschwanstein – 2011 – Ink and watercolor

Fly Away – 2011 – Watercolor

nailbiting sm

Nail Biting – 2013 – Watercolor

21 Responses to “Painting Favorites”

  1. Thanks Amber for sharing your ‘other’ talent. I used to draw a lot and paint some, but so much to do, I just don’t get around to it any more. Glad you are back in the painting saddle.

    • Thanks Lynn! Yeah, its more time consuming for sure, and messy too. lol. I thought maybe putting up this page would incite me to do more. We’ll see.

  2. These are wonderful. I love the first one of the girl. I find it interesting that some of our better photographers are also painters, or sculptures. some even have studied the arts. Well done, Amber, and I encourage you continue to pursue all your passions.

  3. Ah this is like one of my new favorite page here on yr blog! Love that girl painting on the top, this is awesome! You have some very nice paintings! My Franciska gets real jealous about yr paintings, she was staring at those images…you wouldn`t believe it. Maybe because she was studying art and painting in school;-)


  4. I’ll tell you how good these are… as I was looking at them and scrolling to each one, my husband saw them through the partially open door and said, “Gauguin?”

    You’re like me and many many other artists, Amber… you’re not aware of how good your work is because you have a subjective view of it. (How can I then say that about my own work? Lots and lots of other people can’t be wrong, lol!!)

    Really – you’re a good artist. Doesn’t matter that you’re not painting regularly, doesn’t matter that you feel more comfortable with or prefer photography. You’re a creative person and you ARE an artist.


    • Thank you Val. And thank your husband for me too ;) What a compliment! I appreciate the feedback and especially from another artist. I guess it’s true that we have a subjective view of our art. And with so much amazing art out there it’s hard recognizing personal art as any good, even though in a way that shouldn’t matter as it is all expression anyways…

  5. You are seriously amazing A. These are simply stunning, and yet another indication of your amazing talent. Is there anything that you can’t do (apart from pee standing up). lol. ;)

  6. Congratulations!Some nice pieces of work you have there.

  7. Honored!
    Thank you !

  8. My site is up and running! Hope to see you make a comment there!
    Thank you!

  9. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  10. As an art lover, I can say fantastic. They all are great, but I selected one to my favorite and it is from the top the third one.

    It could presenting some view from German town; my guess.

    • Sartenada, you are too kind. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my art. I appreciate it. That third painting is one of my favorites too, and you are right, it IS a German town :) It’s a scene from my very first trip to Europe, the town of Luebeck.

      • Oh, I see. I have been there, in Lübeck really. It is beautiful medieval town. Why I was there? Well me and my wife love Germany very much and we visit there every two years. To go to Germany we have nice ship connection and we can take our on ship also. Last year we spent two weeks by our car in Germany.

        • You are making me so envious now!!! haha… I would love to visit again. My trip was so short, only 1 week. I’m trying now to learn German so I can be better prepared next time I go :)

  11. Another very nice aspect of your talents,
    a very good selection if you don’t mind me
    saying so? I will look forward to browsing
    through your Space my new friend…


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