Ok, so I like  drawing on an etch-a-sketch…It’s my secret love.  Only my family really knows my love affair with the etch-a-sketch. My family, and those of you who follow my blog ;)  Here ya go. Just a few I’ve actually taken a photo of before shaking. hehe…

Deer by a mountain waterfall

Just a little deer by a mountain waterfall…


Dolphins frolicking in a tropical sea…


A thank you for 20,000 views long ago on flickr…

Baby Giraffe on the plains

Baby giraffe in the grasslands…

Lady at the window

Lady at the window…

Martini at the Sea

Martini at the beach…

The Peacock Feather

Winter Waves at Pacifica’s Pier

Dragon Slayer. A mini clone snuck into this etch-a-sketch picture ;)

Neuschwanstein – 2011

I’ll add more etch-a-sketch drawings as I make them so check back from time to time if you’re curious :)


20 Responses to “Etch-a-sketch”

  1. No medium escapes your mastery. Wow…

  2. Wow this is just awesome, the whole story! 20`000 views, well deserved! Congrats! Love yr smile:-)

  3. You are such an artist Amber. I’d not even be able to write my name on an etch-a-sketch. Btw, I was inspired by you again and set up my own blog today. lol. Not sure I’ll keep it though.

  4. ok…so maybe I’m a lil impressed by this sketchy’etchy’thingy (but don’t let it go to ya head too quick like) ~havagoodayswirlsantakitezy~ :)

  5. And you are an amazing etch a sketcher

  6. Man, you’ve gotta have a lot of patience. Great work. Hey, I can make my calculator spell BOOBS! That’s something, right? :)

  7. WOW!!! I used to have an etch a sketch and could barely do a house on it without the roof flying off into 90 degree space (huh?)

    I’ve never seen any full drawings using one of these, they’re brill!

    • Hehe…Thanks Val! It’s kinda my secret passion. Well, I guess not so secret since I’m posting them now. But I just love my etch a sketch! :)

  8. AMAZING!!!

  9. When I first visited your site this post that really stood out. I used to love Etch a Sketch when I was a child, in fact, I wish I had one now! However, I’ve never seen it used with such skill. I remember the packaging used to show examples of what could be produced, your work reminds me of those illustrations. Love it!

  10. How lovely.

    I prefer the first one. Very seldom, I found a blog with so beautiful art, as You have been presented. Thank You.

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