Aswirly’s 2011 favorites

Thank you for checking out my little gallery of personal favorite photos… This page changes from time to time as I update it with current personal favs. Thank you for stopping by :)


39 Responses to “Aswirly’s 2011 favorites”

  1. How interesting, if I had to pick your top ten they would be completely different !! Having said that maybe Mikan would scrape in :)

    • Thanks Malc! It was so hard to pick 10 and now that I look again I don’t know about these, but I figure I’ll just vary this set as the mood strikes ;)

  2. Some of them I remember from yr flickr-site! I like them very much! Just miss “your dad`s camera in the front sunset shot” but its probaply not one of these kind photos yr goin to add here. This shot was sooo creative though!

  3. ~luv’em’all’swirlz~

  4. Love the star trails.

  5. You sure do have an amazing collection of favourites Amber. Good enough to grace the wall of any gallery. :)

  6. I adore “Drunk as a Fish” and I really like the photo of your dad’s camera. All the shots are great but those two are my favs Darwin

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  8. Great set of images Amber! I especially like the one with your dad’s camera and painted eyes self portrait.

  9. Hi Amber,

    Wow, I really like all your photos and your creativity is amazing. This will be a blog I’ll check out often. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Awesome collection Amber.
    I love the humor you add in with your PS skills.

  11. Great set! Each one is distinctive, all are strong, and there’s a good sense of energy & underlying humor in most of them.

  12. Looks like 2010 is off to a good start – that star fish is simply wonderful!

  13. Nope. Don’t like em. Horrible. Blech. Take em away. Ummmm. Yeah ok ok, maybe I “kinda” like them, just a smidge, well some of them at least. Don’t like the one of the seaweed and algae though. On no wait, I’m sorry, that was me. Must get a cloth and wipe that up.. darn this stupid hay-fever. ;)

  14. Amber I am always so amazed at you creative sytle. You have such talent. I wish you the best. I love the mini clones and everything on your site. Can’t wait to see what is next.
    Love you work

  15. still creating great photography, aswirly!

  16. Wow, these are great works! Glad that I stumbled upon your site and looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  17. I love all your favourites, from the starfish on the shingle to the cherries in the bowl! You have so much great work and talent I’m always a little envious which is natural I guess. Your private area always leaves me curious :-) Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year, it’s been great to follow you and your creative work.

    • Thank you Keith! I am so happy I discovered your blog this year. You have really been an inspiration to me! Oh, don’t worry about the private page. lol… It’s a testing page more than anything as sometimes I will post new shots there first to see how they look on the blog and decide if I really like them ;)

  18. hey, just passing and saw your lights on. Hope you’re well and taking heaps of top class photos (as you always do!) cya

  19. Amber, all I can say is if you lived closer I would be taking lessons from you! I love the styles and affects of your work. Outstanding!!!

  20. Wow, thank you for sharing your photos. I came across your blog by chance but will be dropping in on a regular basis to enjoy. I love the colours, the atmosphere, in fact everything.

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