Mini Clone Adventures

One day back in February of 2008, while hanging out at home playing with a little science, I created a…um…well…a mini clone of myself…

I have a mini clone, 2008. Yeah, I know, pretty strange, right? Well she really is a delight and we do just about everything together.  I thought I’d use this page to share a few of my mini clone’s adventures :)

fam portraiture

Family Portrait, 2008.  Mini takes after me in alot of ways. She’s a little serious, a little silly, and has a spash of creativity. Seeing me play with my camera so much as sparked her own interest in photography.  See  her practicing her tricks with this family of stuffed animals? She’s getting better and better at this portraiture stuff surprisingly enough…

Camera play

Camera Play, 2008.  She seriously loves taking pictures, but sometimes I wonder if she has more fun just playing with the display screen. What a nut!

cat fight

Cat Fight, 2008.  One thing I really didn’t think about though when I made her was my cat!  Tikki is a sweet little thing but she’s also an avid hunter and quite likes to chase and bite things smaller than herself. Mini had a few run ins and fortunately I interveened before anything horrific happened!

watching tv

Remote Wars, 2008.  Some nights Mini and I like to watch a little TV or a movie but boy do we fight over the remote. I mean seriously, who’s in charge here??!!  Me, right?! sigh….I just don’t know sometimes. She was really started to p’ me off here with her incessent request to watch Scrubs while I was trying to watch my chick flick…

Robo mini

Recharging Robo-Mini, 2008.  Sometimes the ideas Mini has are just completely wacky. She knows I’m a bit obsessed with photoshop so one day she asked me if I’d photograph her and turn her into a robot. Some kind of naked robot. Seriously, how does she come up with this stuff. I have to admit though, I liked the results ;)


Mini Play Day, 2008.  One day Mini had a play date with another mini clone. That was a pretty fun day although we spent most of the time arguing about the best Photoshop techniques. Sheesh they are both such geeks!

Giant lipstick

Giant Lipstick, 2009. Sometimes Mini likes to dress up like a little doll. It is so cute to watch her primp and fix herself up with all my GIANT makeup. Somehow she manages. Well you know us girls, we’ll put ourselves through anything to look cute ;)

Stawberry shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake, 2009.  The day I came home with strawberries and cake she insisted on pretending she was Strawberry Shortcake. Well, Strawberry Shortcake all grown up ;) She sure is a ham for the glamour shots sometimes…


Sakura, 2009.  And when Spring came and the backyard was full of fragrant white blossoms, she asked for a Japanese inspired portraits with blossoms on top of a furushiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth for gifts. It was so cute watching her pose with that tiny umbrella. hehe..


Mmm…Chocolate, 2009.  The best though was the day I brought home a bar of Lindt chocolate. Mini goes crazy for that stuff and disregards all her feminine manners and just dives in face first.  She was SUCH a mess eating that chocolate. The best part was she hardly made a dent so there was still so much left for me! Whoo hoo :)

mini moos

Mini gets Moos, 2009.  Sometimes, Mini is just in the way. I mean, you should have seen her the day my mini-moo calling cards came. She was just as exciting as me, maybe more so because she thought the cards were just her size. She dumped out the box and cards were everywhere…

coming to life

Drawn to Life, 2009. Or how about the time I was happily sketching in my sketch book and she just HAD to pretend she was part of the picture and miraculously came to life. Hehe…have to admit though, that was pretty funny. She’s so cute sometimes ;)

reading book

Simple Science, 2009.  It pleases me to see that my Mini has as much interest in science as myself. I am just hoping she doesn’t try and make her own Mini Me! 

Spider Amber sm

Mini Spider Girl, 2009.  One day I was relaxing in my living room checking out the new Calumet catalog when I caught my mini clone climbing up the wall! Who does she think she is? Spider Girl I guess. lol… I nearly got out the vacuum!


mini explorer sm

Mini Explorer, 2009.  My little mini has quite the imagination and likes to explore all the empty boxes in the house as if they are caves. lol. She carelessly got too close to the carboard with that match though, and I had to quickly come to the rescue. I swear she nearly burned the house down.

helicopter sm

Mini and minicopter, 2009.  Man, I tell you, having a cat in the house with a mini clone frockling about is dangerous! lol

Drunk as a Fish, 2009.  Uh oh, Mini is behaving rather fishy with my martini glass. Hmm… well she always has had a fascination with mermaids :)

 Caught Texting, 2010.  Sheesh…I left my mini alone for ONE SECOND with my iPhone and there she went texting my friends.  YUp, that’s her guilty look alright. She knows she was caught. tisk tisk… 

Hide n’ Seek, 2010. What started out as an innocent game of hide n’ seek between my mini clone and Tikki  ended up into more of a game of cat and mouse. Tikki got a little carried away, tearing up mini’s toilet paper roll hiding place to shreds. Fortunately I arrived just in time before mini became Tikki’s dinner. Whew…

Mini Me Sketches, 2010.  I told my mini that I used to draw quite often several years back… Mini wanted to give a try. A little sloppy, but considering how hard it was for her to hold the pen I was kinda impressed ;)

So Hard Being Small, 2010. Everything is daunting when you are a tiny mini… Just trying to get up the stairs going home is quite a feat. Big people make it look soooo easy…


Hi There, 2010. Found a stowaway on my head while taking a walk…

Dragon Slayer, 2011. After drawing a dragon on my etch-a-sketch I asked mini what she thought of it. Well, I think it frightened her just a little since she whipped out her katana sword. I have no idea where she was hiding that!

Mini Magnified, 2011. Mini has been helping me with my German course… well, mostly she just gets in the way and stands on all of my notes while I’m trying to study!!! Mine clones, I tell ya, they want soooo much attention! ;)

46 Responses to “Mini Clone Adventures”

  1. I’d like to see more adventures of your mini clone. They seem very exciting. :)

  2. These are great. Hopefully you can find the one’s you lost. There’s plenty of space on here for more.

  3. I LOVE your mini-clone pics, Amber. I hope to be as good at this as you one day. :)

  4. Love it! They are all very creative created, must been a lot of work. Nice job!

    Hey did u know “Lindt” is original swiss chocolate btw ;-)

    • Thanks Jakob. Oh yes, I knew that. Lindt is my FAVORITE chocolate. My friend goes to switzerland often and I love when she brings me back chocolate. You have more varieties than I find here generally.

  5. Hehe, you make me laugh. If I go back to Cali someday, I will bring u bags of chocolate:-) Promise.

  6. […] shots of yourself, or someone else, in a single scene, and then overlaying them. Check out my first mini clone […]

  7. You rock!!!! Love this stuff and miss you on Flickr!!! Hope all is well! I was supposed to be in San Jose all next week and planned to contacting you to go on a photo shoot….plans got canceled last minute. Oh well!! Love your creativity….keep it up!!


  8. These are insanely adorable. Can you make a mini-clone of you for my very own? ;)

  9. I love these images.

  10. This is always a fun page to give me a smile.
    Happy New Year Amber….be safe!

  11. I do

  12. Really creative and fun. I’ve tried to cut out subjects from backgrounds in photoshop but always end up with jagged drunken lines that are plainly obvious. Yours look so perfect. Is there a secret to your success?

    • Haha, Thank you! Secret? … um… well… never cut and paste ;) It’s all about layers and layers and masks. And erase from one layer to the next using a soft brush. That’s all there is to it ;)

  13. you are so good! amazing. your captions are also amusing.

  14. Amber ~ You know. Your Minis are my favorites. Just love ’em.

  15. hehe so cool – I love your mini clones. Excellent!

  16. Minis – Minis – Minis, I never get tired of Minis.

  17. I love the mini clone shots Amber, they are so much fun and so creative. I also just realized that I used to have that very same “Simple Science Experiments” book. Glad to see mini has an interest in science – hopefully she doesn’t find a way to shrink Tikki. :)

  18. […] by Amber and Funky Slug’s mini clone work. Thanks, Amber, for the tips! Amber has some great mini clone photos. Funky Slug is in the 8th photo. They’ve never met in person, just collaborated while sitting […]

  19. Your images are seamless. Very impressive. Do you teach this technique or is it propietary? I am very interested in this as my wife and I are wedding photographers and it would be fun to add one or two to a bride’s photo package.

    • Thanks Kirby! Well, my tenchnique is pretty simple. Cut and paste, layer mask, and add shadows. I take all the pics at the same time and in the same place to ensure consistant light. I use a wacom tablet and tend to have a very stable hand which helps make it seamless.

  20. Do you combine the images on the Wacom? I am familiar with it but have not used one yet. I will attempt this with Photoshop Elements and let you know. Thanks for the info.

    • Well, the wacom tablet just replaces your mouse when you edit. So it’s like using a paintbrush on the screen. Makes doing fine detail work, like erasing unwanted elements between layers, easier :)

  21. You’re just too clever :-)

  22. I LOVE these!!!

  23. Hip hip horray — it’s mini clone day !!! Please keep those mini clones coming. You add happiness to our days. Amber would you please post the Amber with Giraffe pic? Please oh please.

  24. […] by projects like Amber Richard’s Mini Clone Adventures and Chris Boffoli’s Disparity, I wanted to branch out a little more creatively and have some […]

  25. Hi
    I’m happy to see that i’m not crazy when i say to people I saw mini clones of me ! Happy to see somes others mini clones of others persons exists !!! Good work, i like it :)

    You can see my mini-clones (and even my mutants clones ! ) lost somewhere in several pages of my blog :

    ENJOY and don’t hesitate to let com :)

    see u

  26. Your photographs are spectacular,and I have purchased a few,with happy results from the recipients.But,I just went back and reviewed the mini-Amber pics,and simply adore them.As you know,I think the ‘Sakura’ portrait is the lovliest self-portrait ever made! So gorgeous and mesmerizing! It’s an image that you can be proud of.Just wanted to say that,although I probably said it in the past. Keep up the awesome work,Amber,you’re soooo creative!

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