From time to time I like to take self-portraits.  Why?

Well, simply put, self-portraits are an expression of myself.  Sometimes I get an idea of an image and I’m the only person around, so I use myself. Othertimes I just need to express something that I can not put into words. I like the challenge self-portraits offer me. Can I model and shoot at the same time? Sometimes…not always…Anyways, I think I’ll post my favorite self portraits here.

For silly and fun self-portraits,  check out the adventures of  my mini clones!__________________________________________________________________________________

Self-portraits are tricky and I really have to be in the mood for them.  I’ll add to this set as I take more that I kinda like…

31 Responses to “Self-portraits”

  1. It’s always good to see your smile. :)

  2. you sure do smile alot…lol…keep it up swirls (apparently it’s good for you…like I’d know eh!) :P

  3. I always thought you are super cute!! But, through a camera you look wonderful and …something. Love your ideas and creativities, but yet you do not lose who you are!! very very proud of having you as girlfriend! keep going Amber!!

  4. This rocks Amber. You’re an amazing artist.

  5. I always said you were damned attractive and you have a very fine pair of eyes!……..looking at this collection together……with my fine eyes, makes you realize how good a photographer you have become, well done you, don’t get too bogged down with the business side and keep enjoying the process, rgds Michael.

    • Thanks For that Michael. You are too nice to me ;) I appreciate the commendation coming from someone whose creativity I really love :) Don’t worry, I only take enough work to support the hobby really, and maybe get a little for a dinner out. I don’t ever wanna lose the passion.

  6. farbeit for me to complain or anything :) but … ummm, you’re due for a smily one swirls (and a smirk duzn’t count so now ya gotta work hard). ~takeitezy~

  7. I love these Amber. You have such a wonderful and infectious smile, and looking at them makes me smile too. And even when you decide not to smile it’s still infectious, cos I’m sure it’s there still, only seconds away. A beautiful collection of images Amber from a beautiful model.

    • I love that they make you smile too. How delightful. Maybe you should make a blog and add smiley pics yourself ;) Thanks Bri. Means alot!

  8. Photographer and model – at the same time. You don’t see that often. Very well done, Amber!

  9. Or to upload a new buddy icon;-) Really like it, you look very happy and beautiful!

  10. The blog and website are looking good! Glad I found my way over to wander through your images. I hope all is well with you down in SF.

  11. Hey – you’re really really pretty! And these are very good self-portraits. (But please tell me you photoshopped-in the spider?)

    Wish I had the confidence to put more self-portraits in my blog. These days I just wonder if people want to see ‘old and wizened’!

    • Thank you Val :) Oh I did PS the spider. I was screaming just trying to get a photo of it. It was on my front door. You should do more! SPs are a challenge as well as an exorcise in being comfortable with ourselves. It is for me at least.

  12. Beautiful subject and photography!

  13. I think that self expressionism is a rather unique gift, especially when the photographs are taken with such elegance, as I can observe here with yours…

    Do have a most exquisite rest of weekend


    • Thank you! I enjoy taking them, but the mood and everything has to be just right and I need a certain amount of solitude. I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

  14. I would just like to add that I do favour b&w photography over colour, not that this information is of any relevance of course, indeed I was just looking at yours and it sort of just came to me in a flash of…

    Well, a flash of…
    ridiculousness on my part I guess? lol


    • Do you? But I notice you have alot of color on your site :) I love bw photography too, especially in portraits, but I somehow very rarely pull it off successfully. In my own work I think I’m just too addicted to color. Thanks Androgoth!

      • Yes you are right I do have a vast amount of colour graphics on my Space, what I meant to say was that I prefer b&w photographs, sorry about that my friend. If you do call by my Space again don’t be alarmed by the leading Script, I usually just add Gothic Horror but once in a while I like to speculate and add something entirely different. Have a lovely rest of day now Amber.


  15. These are wonderful!!! I love the idea, I love the motivation and I love the photographs. I’m inspired! Thank you for posting.

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